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  • Ozone Reactor

Ozone reactor from diameter 800mm~1200mm,height 1600mm~2100mm,flow rate 18~63m3/h,MOQ:5 units

Model: OZ sereis

Reaction formular:

CT≥1.6.Ozone demand: Po3=qc X O3. Ozone filter size: V=qc / 60 X t. (C -the arount of ozone added into water. t - the time about ozone and water reaction. V - the volume about ozone reactor. qc - the circulating water of swimming pool.)

MOQ:                            20



  • 1. Fiberglass wound tank, UV and corrosion Resistant for exceptional strength and long life.
  • 2. Anti-corrosive lager in the tank.
  • 3. Efficient sterilization while water and ozone are mixing.


  • 1. Maximum working pressure: 250kPa/36psi/2.5bar or 400kPa/58psi/4.0bar
  • 2. Factory Testing Pressure: 400kPa/58psi/4.0bar or 600kPa/86psi/6.0bar
  • 3. Maximum Water Temperature: 500 C
  • 4. Size of Gravel: 1mm-2mm
  • 5. Size of Silica Sand: 0.5~0.8mm


  • *swimming pool and spa
  • *aguiculture
  • *industrial water treatment.


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