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  • Ozone Reactor

Ozone Reactor

Model: OZ sereis

Reaction formular:

CT≥1.6.Ozone demand: Po3=qc X O3. Ozone filter size: V=qc / 60 X t. (C -the arount of ozone added into water. t - the time about ozone and water reaction. V - the volume about ozone reactor. qc - the circulating water of swimming pool.)



  • 1. Fiberglass wound tank, UV and corrosion Resistant for exceptional strength and long life.
  • 2. Anti-corrosive lager in the tank.
  • 3. Efficient sterilization while water and ozone are mixing.


  • 1. Maximum working pressure: 250kPa/36psi/2.5bar or 400kPa/58psi/4.0bar
  • 2. Factory Testing Pressure: 400kPa/58psi/4.0bar or 600kPa/86psi/6.0bar
  • 3. Maximum Water Temperature: 500 C
  • 4. Size of Gravel: 1mm-2mm
  • 5. Size of Silica Sand: 0.5~0.8mm


  • *swimming pool and spa
  • *aguiculture
  • *industrial water treatment.

Technical Parameters:


Tank Diameter




Design Flow




OZ1532 800 63 21 0.63
OZ1540 1000 63 27.5 1.12
OZ1548 1200 90 47 1.53
OZ2032 800 63 21 0.88
OZ2040 1000 63 33 1.51
OZ2048 1200 90 47 2.1


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