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Firstly. Well understanding about pool water treatment equipment.

Pool water treatment includes three major water treatment processes, such as pool water circulation, pool water purification, and pool water disinfection, as well as pool water heating, water lighting, water quality monitoring and system control, pool accessories, and cleaning products, which are closely related to the use and maintenance of swimming pools and surrounding equipment. .

swimming pool water treatment equipmentswimming pool water treatment equipment

Secondly, choose the suitable swimming pool water treatment equipment

1, Water circulation equipment

Pool water circulation is one of the three major elements of the pool water purification system.

The main equipment is the water pump. Its role is to provide power for water flow. Just like the heart of a human body, the pump is the "heart" of the pool. It ensures that the purified water can reach all parts of the swimming pool, refreshing and replacing the pool water that has been contaminated, without generating eddy currents and stagnant water areas, so that the pool water is always kept clear and clean.

Other water circulation equipment includes: circulation pipes, balance pool, water inlets, water outlets, main drains, overflow gutters and gutter gratings.


Water circulation equipmentWater circulation equipment

Poolking water circulation equipmentPoolking water circulation equipment


2, pool water filtration equipment

Filtration is considered one of the three major elements of water purification.

The main function of the filtration equipment is to reduce the turbidity of the pool water, increase the cleaning of the water, remove most of the colloidal or particulate organic matter, bacteria and viruses in the pool water, ensure the safety and hygiene of the swimmers. There are three major types of swimming pool filtration equipment: silica sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filters..

pool water filtration eqiupmentpool water filtration eqiupment 

Poolking water treatemnt processPoolking water treatemnt process

3, Disinfection equipment

Disinfection is one of the three indispensable factors of swimming pool water treatment process.

Disinfection is mainly to eliminate pool pathogens, remove invisible impurities dissolved in water, and protect the health of swimmers.

Disinfection of pool water is to kill pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms through chemical methods or physical methods ( like ultraviolet irradiation, copper and silver ion disinfection) while purifying circulating water.

Disinfection equipmentDisinfection equipmentPoolking disinfection equipmentPoolking disinfection equipment

4.Swimming pool lighting equipment

The underwater lights can bring brightness functions to the swimming pool at night, and can create colorful and dazzling effects for the swimming pool.

swimming pool lighting equiomentswimming pool lighting equiomentpoolking swimming pool light equipment

5, water quality monitoring

Each swimming pool operator must regularly monitor water quality. Only in this way can the water quality meet the relevant standards and correct dosing settings according to the measurement results.

water quality monitoringwater quality monitoring Poolking water quality monitoringPoolking water quality monitoring

6.Swimming pool cleaning and accessories

Swimming pool cleaning is mainly completed by automatic suction machine and manual suction machine. Accessories are mainly swimming pool ladder, swimming lane line, skimmers and so on. Swimming pool ladders can greatly increase the safety of entering and leaving the pool

Swimming pool cleaning and accessoriesSwimming pool cleaning and accessories

Poolking Swimming pool cleaning and accessoriesPoolking Swimming pool cleaning and accessories

pool cleaning and accessoriespool cleaning and accessories


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