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How to convert to a salt water pool


Are you ready to convert a normal pool to a salt pool? Actually, it is not so compacted as you think. There are only 6 simple way that you could turn your chlorine pool to a salt water pool.

Six Steps to Converting your Pool to Saltwater


       1.Balance the water in your pool according to the guidelines.

       NOTE:  you don't need to drain your pool.




Free Chlorine

1 ~ 3ppm


2700 ~ 3400ppm


7.2 ~7.8


80 ~ 120ppm

Calcium Hardness

200 ~ 400ppm

Cyanuric Acid

30 ~ 60ppm(outdoor); 0ppm(indoor)


       2.Add amount of pool-grade salt into the swimming pool and the bigger swimming pool, the more salt you need to add.

       NOTE: salt take time to dissolved into swimming water, it could be a long time maybe up to 24 hours. and then turn the filtration system on and run the system for a while to make sure that the swimming pool turn into a salt water pool.


       3.Install a chlorinator controller in a appropriate place Make sure to consult the installation manual for best results.


       4.Install the chlorinator cell into the pool plumbing after the filter.

       NOTE: The chlorinator cell should be the last piece of equipment on the pool pipe before the water returns to the pool.


       5.Turn on the pool pump, check for any leaks and operate it for several hours. This is the final check for the installation of chlorinator controller.


       6.Turn on the salt chlorinator and start enjoying your salt water pool!

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