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  • Frigerating Machine

Frigerating Machine


MOQ:                            5


Operation Description:

  • The function of refrigerating machine is using low pressure water vapor compressed into higher pressure vapor, so that the volume of vapor decreases, but the pressure goes up. Compressor absorbs the lower pressure of the water vapor from the evaporator, then the pressure will increase and pass into the condenser. In the condenser the vapor become high pressure liquid, through the flow valve and become low pressure liquid, after going into the evaporator, it will be evaporated and become low pressure vapor, and then go into the compressor to finish the cool circulation.


  • 1. High heat exchanging efficiency and compact structure.
  • 2. The inlet and outlet are sealed well to avoid water leakage.
  • 3. With insulation material to reduce heat loss.
  • 4. Corrosion-resistant, long life, not easy to block.
  • 5. Separate connector, more durable.
  • 6. Can be use in special water quality.

Technical Parameters:


Motor Power







Criculation in/outlet


Air Blower Qty


Net Weight




CA-020 2 5.0 220V/1PH/50Hz 50 1 R410a 65 680×790×635
CA-030 3 7.5 220V/1PH/50Hz 50 1 R410a 80 680×790×635
CA-050 5 10.0 220V/1PH/50Hz 50 1 R410a 115 680×790×735
CA-080 8 15.0 380V/3PH/50Hz 63 1 R410a 140 780×890×1185
CA-100 10 20.0 380V/3PH/50Hz 63 2 R410a 160 1445×730×785
CA-150 15 25.0 380V/3PH/50Hz 63 2 R410a 200 1445×730×785


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