How to choose swimming pool water treatment equipment?


The water quality of the swimming pool directly affects our health, so it is necessary to choose good swimming pool equipment. Therefore, swimming pool water treatment equipment plays a very important role, so how should we choose this equipment? Guangdong Boying environmental protection equipment professionals will answer for you: 1. Circulating water treatment capacity: How is the swimming pool water quality related to the water treatment capacity? are closely related. Swimming pool water treatment equipment adopts a circulation system for water quality renewal treatment. No matter what kind of swimming pool water treatment equipment is used, whether it can guarantee the circulation of all pool water determines the effect of swimming pool water treatment.

2. Whether it is durable: Swimming pool water treatment equipment is a large-scale water conservancy facility, and it is impossible to replace it every year. The use of swimming pool water treatment equipment is appropriate, and selective prevention of rust, tide, moss and other factors will affect the swimming pool water quality. The durability of swimming pool water treatment equipment is one of the hard indicators for selection. Most public swimming pools are profit-making commercial facilities. When choosing swimming pool water treatment equipment, cost consumption must be considered.

The stability of swimming pool water treatment equipment, whether maintenance is convenient and automatic are common factors that affect the normal use of swimming pool water treatment equipment, and also directly affect the operating cost of the swimming pool. 3. The degree of water purification: There are many metabolites of the human body in the swimming pool water, such as dander, oil, cosmetics, etc., only using general filtration methods, there will be many colloidal fine particles that cannot be removed, which will affect the subsequent water treatment process and effluent water quality. cause adverse effects. The choice of swimming pool water treatment filtration system is a very important part of swimming pool water treatment.

When choosing swimming pool water treatment equipment, we must pay attention to check whether the filtration system is perfect and whether the water quality can meet the standards specified by FINA. Boying environmental protection equipment products are mainly used in water purification and pure water systems, HVAC water systems, swimming pool spa systems, sewage systems, reclaimed water reuse systems, building water supply and drainage systems, etc. The company takes water treatment equipment as its main product, and has derived dozens of water treatment accessories, becoming a large-scale, professional and intelligent water treatment equipment manufacturer.

At present, the company's products have been sold to dozens of countries at home and abroad, and have provided high-quality water treatment solutions for many local governments and famous enterprises. Customer cases include: Beijing Water Cube, Asian Games venues, Olympic sports centers, airports, subway stations, Five-star hotels, hospitals, office buildings, data centers, foreign factories and other fields. "The highest goodness is like water, and water benefits all things without fighting for it." In today's highly industrialized development, Boying is running in the environmental protection cause of water treatment; it regards water health as the cause of enterprise development; with the concept of clean water, it constantly sets off a new revolution of healthy water use wave. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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