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how far can pool equipment be from pool


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Pool equipment is an essential component of any swimming pool as it guarantees the regular circulation and cleaning of the water. While most pool owners understand the importance of having quality equipment, they may not be aware of how far pool equipment can be from the pool itself. This is an important aspect to consider when designing your ideal pool space. This article will explore the maximum distance between pool equipment and the pool and the factors that influence this distance.

Factors That Influence the Distance

The maximum distance between the pool and pool equipment is determined by several factors, including the type of equipment, the pool's location, and the size and shape of the pool. The type of equipment used can significantly influence the distance, with some equipment requiring more proximity to the pool than others. For example, pool pumps that require less energy can be further away from the pool, while high-energy usage equipment may need to be closer.

Another factor to consider is the location of the pool on the property. Pool equipment, especially pumps and filters, requires a reliable electrical source, and the distance between the pool equipment and the power source must also be considered. It is also important to consider ventilation when determining the distance between pool equipment and the pool.

Finally, the size and shape of the pool must also be considered when determining the distance between the pool equipment and the pool. Larger pools may require more extensive piping and equipment, which may not be compatible with longer distances between the pool equipment and the pool. Additionally, the shape of the pool can determine the most effective location for pool equipment. For example, a pool with a long, narrow shape may benefit from more specialized equipment that cannot be located too far from the pool.

Maximum Distance Between Pool Equipment and Pool

The maximum distance between pool equipment and the pool will depend on the previously discussed factors. Typically, pool pumps, the main equipment used to circulate water throughout the pool, can be located up to 50 feet from the pool. However, this distance is not definitive and may vary depending on different factors such as the size of the pool, the electrical source, and the type of pump used.

Filters are another essential piece of pool equipment that can also be positioned 50 feet away from the pool. However, the type of filter used will ultimately determine the correct distance for your pool. For instance, high-efficiency filters may need to be closer to the pool due to their higher energy consumption during operation.

Pool heaters, a popular pool equipment choice for those residing in colder climates, can be farther away from the pool - up to 100 feet. This distance will also depend on factors such as the size of the pool, the location of the pool, and the electrical source. In some cases, a specialized ventilation system may be required to run the heater successfully.


When it comes to determining the maximum distance between pool equipment and the pool, several factors must be considered. From the type of pool equipment used to the location of the pool and the size and shape of the pool, it is essential to understand what elements affect the distance. Ultimately, to ensure the best performance of your pool equipment, it is important to consult with a pool equipment professional to determine the correct positioning of your equipment.


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