can i run my pool filter with the cover on


Can I Run My Pool Filter with the Cover On?

As the summer season approaches, homeowners with pools start gearing up for the summer fun. One of the most critical components of a swimming pool is the filtration system. Pool filters clean out impurities and debris from the pool water, keeping the water clear and healthy. However, most pool owners have asked the question, can I run my pool filter with the cover on? This article will examine this question and offer insights into pool care and maintenance.

1. Understanding Pool Filtration

To fully understand the impact of running your pool filter with the cover on, it's essential to have a basic understanding of pool filtration systems. Swimming pool filters work by directing the water through a series of filters that remove debris, dirt, and other contaminants from the water. The water is then returned to the pool, ideally, clean and clear. Pool filtration systems come in three types: sand, cartridge, and DE.

2. The Role of Pool Covers

Pool covers are designed to cover the pool water, keeping debris and other contaminants out of the water. Pool covers come in several types, including automatic covers, manual covers, and solar covers. The primary function of pool covers is to save energy by slowing down the rate of water evaporation from the pool. They also keep the pool water clean by preventing debris from entering the pool when it's not in use.

3. The Effects of Running Your Pool Filter with the Cover On

When running your pool filter, it's essential to remove the pool cover to ensure adequate water circulation. If you leave the cover on while the pool filter is running, the water will not circulate properly. Any dirt, debris, or contaminants in the pool water will not get filtered out. The end result will be a pool with poor water quality.

4. The Importance of Pool Maintenance

Pool owners need to ensure that their pool filtration systems are working correctly by doing routine maintenance. Maintenance includes checking and cleaning the pool's skimmer baskets, backwashing the pool filter, cleaning the pool pump, and replacing the pool filter according to the manufacturer's instructions.

5. Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

To maintain proper pool filtration, you should operate the pool pump for at least eight hours each day. Keeping the pool chemicals balanced is also crucial for maintaining proper water quality. When using a pool cover, remove it when running the filter and make sure the pool water level does not fall below the skimmer opening.


In conclusion, pool owners should not run their pool filters with the cover on if they want clean and clear pool water. Pool filtration systems are designed to work with proper water flow, and covers obstruct the water flow. By removing the cover while the pool filter is running, you will ensure that your pool water is clean and healthy. Remember to practice regular maintenance, and your pool will provide a refreshing and healthy oasis all summer long.


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