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The difference between Private Pool and Public Pool


Imagine that if Shakespeare was still alive, the biggest question for him may not "to be or not to be", but to a private pool or to a public pool? That is the question. They are both swimming pool but totally two different things in some way. So let's me introduce the difference between private pool and public pool.


Private swimming pool

Owning a swimming pool in your home which is similar with having a oasis in your backyard, it can increase the value of your property. What's more, you can have a lot of fun with your private swimming pool and enjoy the summer. Such as having a pool party in your private pool, a private pool gives you space to meet with family and spend time together, it can help you have a healthy lifestyle and do many kinds of water sports etc. The most important thing is you can control of the cleanliness of the pool The private pool only for the family it mean you don't need your pool filtration system work all the time and you don't need so many time to manage the swimming pool.


Public swimming pool

The public pool can save a lot of money, because the money to build a private pool which can buy several years ticket for the public pool. And you still can cool yourself down in a hot day, but you need a swimming plan for the public pool because almost every public pool have a business hours so you need to stick to the timetable that you can have a great time in the public pool. There is an obvious disadvantage of the public pool, which is you never know the pool water are clean or not. To keep the swimming pool clean the pool filtration should keep working and some chemical should be put in the pool.


There is one thing totally different, they are using a different pool filtration system. A private pool only need a simple pool filtration system that can keep the swimming pool water clean. So we suggestion that using the filtration units. But the public pool are different, it need a much more complicated system, and it has different piping methods to improve the efficiency.

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