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Should you drain water from the pool after rain


You may thought that the swimming pool already full of water, the Light raindrops wouldn't make any difference. But the truth is, no matter a rainstorm or several small, even light showers can break the balance of the swimming pool. It will definitely affect your pool chemistry, if not solve it immediately. It will cause a series of serious problems.


So should you drain water from the pool after rain? That depends.

If it was just a light sprinkling or a short rainshower, then draining water would be unnecessary. It will be a good idea to test the water at the first time after rain, and base on the test to put some chemicals into the water, to make it balance again.



If it was a rainstorm that mean plenty of rain were pouring into your swimming pool. There were full of dust, bacterial, microorganism, rubbish. It would mess up your swimming pool in a few minute. Facing with such problems, draining would be a good idea when the weather has cleaned.


To clean your swimming pool again, you'd better follow the step:

1.Clean the Pool Surface

Using the leaf skimmer to remove the catchable rubbish from water surface and skimmer basket. Because the big size rubbish get into the circulation system could occluded pipe.

2.Brush the pool

Using a brush to remove the dirt and debris from the pool's ladders and pool deck.

3.Turn your Pump and Filter on

There are still many dust and small size of rubbish are existing in water, which can't be removed by the skimmer. So you need to turn the pump on to not only filter the water but also keep the water circulating so that dust will not sink to the bottom of the pool.

4.Drain Some of the Water from the Pool

After a rainstorm, the pool will fill with water and there will be too much, now is a good time to drain water from swimming pool until surface is six to eight inches from the top of the pool. you can turn the multi valve to "WASTE" position or vacuum to drain until you’ve removed enough water from the pool.

5.Do the Test and Balance the water.

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