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Swimming pool is one of the sources of enjoyment. People enjoy swimming for many hours due to clean and fresh water. It is also important to note that swimming pools require extra care and maintenance. Now it's time to talk about the swimming pool leaf skimmer. It is the tool that is essential to run the pool properly.


Your skimmer baskets can easily be clogged with the leaves. This condition restricted the water flow that damaged your whole pool system. To avoid this damage it is important to remove these leaves. In this guide we have discussed leaf skimmers. What is it? Its types and best leaf skimmers available in the market. So, without wasting your time, let's delve into the details of your query!

What Is a Leaf Skimmer?

Leaf skimmer is an essential tool of a swimming pool that maintains your pool well. It scopes up leaves, bugs and other unwanted small particles from the pool. In other words we say that leaf skimmers cleans the pool water and pushes the debris free water back out into the pool. Leaf skimmers help to remove the leaves, hair and other contamination from the pool. Different types of leaf skimmers available in the market. You can choose one that fulfills your needs well.

How Does Leaf Skimmer Work?

Pool leaf skimmer plays an important role in maintaining the cleanliness of the pool. It's working include the following steps:

 ● A skimmer works when the pool pump is on running condition

 ● A pivoting flap named as weir is used to remove debris from the pool water

 ● All leaves are collected in skimmer baskets after passes through the weir

 ● Thai process is continued until the pump gets off

 ● During the off mode of the pool pump the pivoting flap returns to its original position

 ● It stop debris to re-enter in the water

Pool Leaf Skimmers

4 Main Types of Pool Leaf Skimmers Nets

Below we have mentioned the 4 different types of leaf skimmers that assist you to remove the leaves from the pool and provide clean water. So, you can enjoy your swimming with fresh and clean water.

1. Leaf Rake

It helps you to remove the leaves and other contamination from the pool easily. The following are the two main features of leaf rake:

 ● It has a tiny mesh

 ● Leaf rake net has wider and more inclined front lips

It can even capture the small mosquitoes and particles that contaminate the pool water. You can utilize it by:

 ● Sink the net to the bottom of the pool

 ● After this pull the net towards you

Adopt the same steps to remove the leaves from the pool.

2. Leaf Net Shovels

This leaf skimmer has an angled edge. It assists the nets glide easily along the pool's bottom. You can collect a large number of leaves due to the angular edge. It proves extra scooping power that helps you to clean the pool in a shorter time.

3. Vacuum Leaf Skimmer

It is clear from the name that this leaf skimmer uses vacuum to remove the leaves from the pool. It comes up with tiny brushes. The leaves get trapped with the attached net. Some skimmers use the wheels so that skimmer can easily collect all debris around the pool. The vacuuming action can be created by connecting a leaf skimmer to a garden hose. Vacuum leaf skimmers suck up the leaves from the pool and provide you clean and contamination free water.

4. Leaf Net Scoops

It has a deeper design as compared to other types of leaf skimmers. You can collect a large number of leaves due to the wider opening of leaf net scoops. Furthermore some come with fine mesh nets. You can also remove small dust particles from water easily with the use of fine mesh leaf nets. It also saves your time which means you can clean the pool efficiently in a shorter period.

Many of you are overwhelmed with the question of which leaf skimmer is best for you. Below we have mentioned the best leaf skimmers that fulfill your needs well.

Best Pool Net Skimmers

It is important to choose the correct leaf skimmer that maintains your pool well. Some of the best leaf skimmers are mentioned below:

 ● Aluminum Leaf Skimmer:it has many features including lifetime guarantee and strong aluminum alloy frame

 ● Premium large leaf skimmer: it has soft scoop edge and deep net with wide mouth that easily capture the large number of leaves within a short time period. Furthermore, it is easy to use and maintain

 ● Heavy duty plastic leaf skimmer: it is easy to install and use. It has long wearing mesh and easily maneuverability

 ● Deluxe New Designed Leaf Skimmer: it is easy to carry and use. It has fine mesh that captures leaves and small debris

Pool Leaf Skimmers

Poolking: The Right Place to Invest Money

Poolking is the leading brand that provides all swimming pool equipment. Our leaf skimmers have good quality and long-term guarantee. Our products ensure the safety and maintenance of the pool. Poolking leaf skimmers collect leaves and even small particles from the pool and provide fresh and clean water.

To know more details about the Poolking leaf skimmers visit our site. Our pool products are budget friendly. So, if you want to invest for the long-term then visit Poolking as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Try to purchase the leaf skimmer that doesn't break after one or two uses. Choose one that is easy to maintain and use. To remove debris and leaves from the pool it is so important to select the goof leaf skimmer nets. Poolking leaf skimmers are affordable, easy to use, and durable enough that fulfills your needs well.

Our products are made with superior materials that are lightweight and easy to carry. If you want to learn more about the different pool products, please read our other blogs. Comment below and discuss with us the problem related to your swimming pool.

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