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  • Vacuum Head for Swimming Pool 5628

Vacuum Head for Swimming Pool 5628

Model: 5628


MOQ:                            50



  • Poolking is the most professional manufacturer for swimming pool products in China.
  • The main products are sand filter,underwater light,pool pump and all poo accessories.We have over 20 years experience in the swimming pool industry has evolved into an integrated production center for equipment relating to water technology.
  • Poolking provides all kind of Cleaning Equipment that makes your pool construction easy to manage. Available in vinyl and concrete pool application.
  • The most advanced and durable maintenance hoses available in the market. It comes with a swivel vacuum head cuff, which provide superior flexibility for pool cleaning.


Technical Parameters:




Deluxe New Designed Vacuum Head

Vacuum Head for Swimming Pool 02
Vacuum Head for Swimming Pool 03
Vacuum Head for Swimming Pool 04

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