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  • Standard Skimmer for Vinly Swimming Pool

Standard Skimmer for Vinly Swimming Pool

MODEL: 090011(for Vinly pool)

Our heavy-duty skimmer can be used for residential and commercial swimming pools of different types: concrete, fiberglass and vinyl. The 3 models are injection molded and made with UV resistant ABS material; the reinforced material provides the maximum strength and durability for all weather conditions. It has an option of 3 connection sizes viz, 1-1/2"interal threaded, 2"external threaded and 50mm for gluing. Overflow connection 40mm. Max recommended flow 5m3/hr. For optimum results it is recommended to use 1 skimmer per 25m2 of pool surface area. The skimmer suction can also be used for suction sweeping the pool.


MOQ:                            20



  • 1. Knockout overflow / fill port
  • 2. Durable, corrosion-proof unibody construction
  • 3. Large debris collection basket
  • 4. Snap-in and removable weir
  • 5. Optional stackable extension collar allows infinite vertical height
  • 6. Optional stackable extension throat allows infinite horizontal length



Standard Skimmer for Vinly Swimming Pool 02
Standard Skimmer for Vinly Swimming Pool 03
Standard Skimmer for Vinly Swimming Pool 04
Standard Skimmer for Vinly Swimming Pool 05

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