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  • Saltwater Pool Chlorination

Saltwater Pool Chlorination

Model: HQ / CQ

MOQ:                            20



  • 1. Salt Chlorinator applied advanced micro-computer technology and customer oriented design, to provide the most energy saving and environmental friendly method to sanitize small and medium pools. 
  • 2. Chlorine output is adjustable from 20% to 100% by simply pressing two button, satisfying different needs for different pools.
  • 3. Each time the chlorinator restarts, it can automatically initiate the last work status, with this smart memory function.
  • 4. Different from those traditional disinfecting equipments, this salt chlorinator doesn’t produce any disgusting smells. Discomfort like pinkeye or skin itch can be avoided as well.


Technical Parameters:


Chlorine Output






HQ/SQ20 16 220-240 ≤80
HQ/SQ30 25 220 ≤125
HQ/SQ40 33 220 ≤165
HQ/SQ50 42 220 ≤210


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