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You can only enjoy your pool if it is clean. The dirt and debris can make it impossible for you to use your pool. This is why it is important to get the best quality pool filter for your pool. Poolking sells the best quality pool filters that are durable and useful to clean all types of pools. You can keep your pool clean and free of all dirt by using the pool filters manufactured by Poolking. Buying the right pool filter is important, but many wonder about the right filter cycle length. It is important to know how often you should use the pool filter. Regularly filtering your pool helps to keep the pool water clear. But how often is it necessary? And for how long should you filter your pool per day? We will be providing the answers to all these questions in this post.


How Do Pool Filters Work?

The pool filters are one of the best tools that help to clean your pool water. They are the best accessories that filter the dirt particles and bacteria out from the water. The pool filters are effective equipment and allow you to remove all kinds of bugs and insects. The food particles and microorganisms can also be cleaned appropriately using a good quality pool filter. The role of a pool filter is to keep your pool water clean. It also helps to prevent contamination.

There are different types of pool filters available at Poolking that suit the needs of every pool owner. They come with different lifespans. It is important to choose the right pool filter for your pool to keep it clean and stay within your budget. It is also important to consider the pool volume and equipment capacity.

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Pool Filter Cycle Length

It is important to purchase the right pool filter as this will help you to maintain a clean pool. Your pool's entire content can be filtered using a premium quality pool filter. The right pool filter cycle length is similar to the hot tub filter cycle length. If you already have experience filtering your hot tub, then it will be a lot easier for you to determine the pool filter cycle length.


Filter your pool Twice a day

It is best to filter your swimming pool twice a day. Your swimming pool should be completely filtered twice daily as the pool water gets exposed to germs and bacteria all day. You can maintain hygienic conditions in your pool by filtering it as often as needed. The pool filter cycle length is also determined by the water in your pool.

The working of your water filter depends on the amount of water it needs to filter. The filter pump will take around 2.5 hours to filter your pool water. If you filter your pool water twice, you will have to invest almost 5 hours daily in the filtration process.


When To Turn On your pool pump?

It is best to filter your pool during the hottest day hours. During this time, the algae growth is greatest. Most people use their swimming pool in the afternoon. If you don’t have time to filter your pool during the hottest hours, then it is best to turn on your pool filter pump before or after you are done swimming. In such a case, always run your pool filter for a long time, as this will prevent algae growth; if you like to swim in the morning when it is a great idea to turn on the pool filter between the swims. Make sure to avoid turning on your filter in your pool when you are swimming, as this might be harmful to you.


Filter your pool During The Day

Filtering your pool during the hottest hours of the day is the perfect time to filter your pool. The hot outside temperature increases the chance of algae growth. That is why it is always best to filter your pool for longer when the temperature outside is higher than 30 ° C. You must run your pool filter pump for 8 hours daily.


Don’t Filter Your Pool Often During The Winters

During the winters, you don’t have to filter your pool much like the bad and dirty air is not that apparent during this time of the year. The production of algae is prevented due to the cold breeze, making it easier to maintain the hygienic condition of the pool. Your pool will not get dirty from swimming so you can use the filter less often in winter. Make sure to cover your pool properly during the autumn season, as this will help keep your pool filter off often.  Can help extend filter cycle length.

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How long should you cycle your pool filter?

The best filter cycle depends on how you cycle your pool filter. It is best to cycle your pool for around 8 hours. You can cycle your pool filter anywhere from 6-to 12 hours, depending on your pool's size. Every pool is unique, so it is important to always you’re your pool filter efficient and effective. It is also important to figure out exactly what the turnover rate of your pool is.


Save Time and Keep Your Pool In The Best Condition By Using Pool Filters By Poolking

Most pool owners have a hard time maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of their pool. It is also important to keep the right filter cycle setting as this helps keep the pool filter in the best condition. Pool filters made by Poolking are set in the perfect settings and provide normal pool filtration. They push the water through the filter media and trap dirt and debris inside the pool.


Extra tips To Keep Your Pool Clean

Here are some extra tips to help keep your pool water clean. And extend filter cycle length.

● Add the chemicals to the pool during the night to prevent the sun from breaking down the chlorine.

● Make sure to test the pH balance of your pool water regularly.

● Use a good pool cover to prevent dirt from entering your pool.

● Filter your pool more often.

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