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Why Pool Filtration Matters?

Before discussing the mechanics of pool filtration, let's first understand why pool filtration is necessary.

Without proper filtration, your pool water would quickly become a murky, algae-infested mess. Swimming in such water could lead to health issues, skin irritations and an unpleasant experience. Moreover, the pool filter system maintains a healthy chemical balance that benefits everyone: swimmers, the pool and even the equipment used therein.

How Does The Filtration Of A Swimming Pool Work?

The pool filtration system works with the help of two components: the pool pump and the filter. While the filter is mainly of three different types, the pump has a general role.

Pool Pumps

Pumps are responsible for drawing water from the pool and pushing it through the filter medium, whether it is sand, cartridges or diatomaceous earth. This circulation is essential as it allows the filter to capture and remove impurities, debris and contaminants from the water. They also ensure that the water is continuously circulated to prevent stagnation. This constant movement helps distribute chemicals evenly throughout the pool, maintaining water quality and preventing the growth of algae and bacteria.

Moreover, pumps provide the necessary pressure to push water through the filter medium, allowing it to trap particles effectively. If you are looking for commercial swimming pools at wholesale rates, check out Pool King's extensive collection and find the perfect one for you!

PoolKing Pool Pumps

Swimming Pool Filter

There are three main pool filter types commonly used: sand filters, cartridge filters and DE filters. Each swimming pool filter has its own way of trapping and removing debris and contaminants from the pool water.

In combination with filtration, maintaining the correct chemical balance in your pool is vital to keep it clean. Pool chemicals like chlorine and pH adjusters help kill bacteria, prevent algae growth, and keep the water safe for swimming. The filtration system works more effectively when the water chemistry is balanced, as it reduces the load on the filter and prolongs its life.

Let's take a closer look at how each of these filters works:

Sand Filters

Pool sand filters are one of the oldest and most popular filtration methods for swimming pools. Sand filters consist of a large tank filled with a special grade of sand, typically made of silica. Here is how a pool sand filter works:

1. The pool water is pumped into the filter tank and directed through the bed of sand.

2. As water flows through the sand, tiny particles and impurities are trapped in the gaps between the sand particles.

3. The clean water then exits the sand filter and returns to the pool.

Over time, the sand in the filter becomes clogged with debris, reducing its efficiency. To clean the pool sand filter, a process called "backwashing" is performed. During this, the water flow is reversed, flushing out the trapped particles and sending them to the waste container. l=

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are known for their simplicity and efficiency. They use a replaceable cartridge as the filtering medium. Here is how a cartridge filter works:

1) Water enters the cartridge pool filter housing and passes through the cartridge.

2) The cartridge, made of pleated fabric or paper-like material, captures particles and contaminants as water flows through it.

3) Clean water then exits the cartridge pool filter and returns to the pool.

When the filter cartridge becomes clogged with debris, it must be cleaned or replaced. Cleaning this filter usually involves hosing off the cartridge to remove the trapped particles. Some pool owners opt to replace the cartridge entirely as it is more convenient.

If you want to purchase a high-quality cartridge filter, browse through Pool King's range! We offer the best swimming pool cartridge filter system with a UV-resistant and anti-corrosive tank and a heavy-duty ring lock for easy inspection and maintenance. 

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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters

DE pool filters are deemed the most effective and efficient among the three types. They use a unique filtering medium called diatomaceous earth, which is a fine powder made from the fossilized remnants of diatoms, a kind of microscopic algae. Here is how a DE pool filter works:

I. DE pool filters have a grid or tube covered with a layer of diatomaceous earth. When pool water is pumped into the filter, it passes through the DE layer, which is incredibly porous.

II. This fine material captures even the tiniest particles and contaminants, leaving the water exceptionally clear.

To maintain their efficiency, DE filters require periodic recharging. This involves adding a fresh layer of diatomaceous earth to the filter. The process makes sure that the DE pool filter can continue trapping particles effectively.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your pool filtration system is essential for its optimal performance and longevity. Here are some additional maintenance tips to ensure your pool remains impeccable:


§ Regularly inspect the pump, pipes and connections for any signs of leaks. Addressing leaks promptly can prevent water loss and maintain the system's efficiency.

§ Set your pump timer and filtration schedule according to your pool's specific needs. Longer filtration during peak usage times and shorter runs during off-peak hours can help save energy while maintaining water quality.

§ Air bubbles in the pump's strainer basket or the return lines can indicate an issue with the suction side of the system. Ensure there are no obstructions or loose connections that may be causing this problem.

§ Regularly clean the pump strainer basket to prevent debris from entering the pump, which can lead to clogs and decreased efficiency.

§ If you live in an area with cold winters, properly winterize your pool filtration system to protect it from freezing temperatures.



Understanding how your pool's filtration system works is essential to maintain that crystal-clear water. Whether you have a sand filter, a cartridge pool filter or a DE filter, these machines work relentlessly to make your pool inviting. But keep in mind that it is not as simple as "set it and forget it." The need for regular maintenance, chemical balancing and appropriate circulation cannot be overstated.


So, as you enjoy the summer heat and cool off in the pool, remember to thank your filtration system and the pumps that keep everything running smoothly. 

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