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This article aims to take you to understand swimming pool pumps. Swimming pools are used for different purposes, such as recreational activities, swimming competitions, etc. However, there are different types, shapes, and designs of pools. The quality of the pool depends on various factors like:

 ● Material

 ● Your budget

 ● Pool pump and many other things


The swimming pool pump is the central part that maintains and equips your pool well. If you want to purchase a swimming pool pump, you should consider some key factors. Here in this guide, we have explained the swimming pool pumps.


If you are confused with different questions, what is the pool pump? What does a pool pump do? Swimming pool pump components and their types, then keep reading this post. You will find all the answers to your questions related to the swimming pool pump below! So let us start to discuss the topic.

swimming pool pumps

What is Swimming Pool Pump?

A swimming pool pump is one of the components of a pool that filters water. The pump is the heart of the swimming pool, operated with an electric motor. A swimming pool with the right pump is a pleasurable experience for children and youngsters.

How Does Swimming Pool Pump Work?

It is interesting to know that all types of swimming pool pumps' working principles are the same. The main component of the pool is the pump, whose main objective is:

 ● Circulate the water throughout the pool filters network

 ● Clean the water from different types of contamination and impurities


The main idea involved in the swimming pool is to run water from the pump continuously. The water moves in a cyclic system, from pool to filtering system and back to pool again. Due to this filtration, the water in the pool keeps clean from all types of dirt and bacteria. Some pool systems also involve heaters that maintain the pool water temperature.


The swimming pool pump's work involves drawing water from the basin to the pool. However, water pulling involves the main drain, the skimmers, and the vacuum port. These parts are situated on the side of the pool. The main objective of the skimmer is to collect and skim water on the top surface. In this way, a chemical treatment occurs on the water that keeps it clean from debris. After this cleaning, the water is pumped back into the basin through the discharge nozzle.


To protect yourself from diseases and irritation, the correct balance of chemical treatment is compulsory. Swimming pools having incorrect chemical balance also harm the different parts of the pool.

What Are The Components of Swimming Pool Pump?

There are normally 3 components of a swimming pool pump.

 ● The motor

 ●  Impeller

 ● The housing

The main objective of the motor is to spin the impeller, located at the back of the housing.

At the same time, the impeller is a fast rotational moving reverse blade. The sole purpose of the impeller is to pull the water in and then push it through the filter.

The inner working of the pump involves housing.

Other Components of Swimming Pool

The other components of the swimming pool are mentioned below:

 ● A large tank/basin

 ● Water filter

 ● Chemical feeder

 ● Drains

 ● Returns

 ● Polyvinyl chloride pipe

Swimming pool pump cleans the large volume of water in the swimming pool with a combination of filtration and chemical treatment.

What Are The Different Types of Pool Pumps?

You will find a wide variety of pool pumps in the market. The selection of the pump depends upon the type of your swimming pool.

1. Single-Phase Pump

The electrical supply used to operate the pump is typically described by the word phase. Single-phase pumps operate on a power supply commonly used to power home appliances. The value of voltage for the operation of the pump is 220v to 240v. It does need any strong torque. The lifespan of a single-phase pump is shorter.

2. Three-Phase Pump

It will require a 3 phase power supply. The value of voltage for the operation of a three-phase pump is 380v to 415v. In comparison with a single-phase pump, it is more cost-efficient. It has a longer lifespan and a more compact design.

3. Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

In this type of swimming pool pump, artificial heat is created. This heat is expelled outside from the swimming pool through a pump. The primary purpose is to extract warm air. Its price is more than other gas pumps, but it is an excellent opportunity to choose because of its long lifespan.

4. Single-Speed pumps

These pumps used constant speed to pump the water of the swimming pool. It is less expensive than other types of pumps.

5. Dual-Speed Pump

It operates between two constant speeds such as high and low. Dual-speed pumps require an automated system that adjusts the speed.

6. Variable-Speed Pump

It is more expensive than the above two mentioned pumps. If you want to invest for the long-term, it is an excellent option to choose. It uses a permanent magnet motor in its operation that reduces friction. Due to this fact, it is more efficient than single and double-speed pumps.

Key Factors That Should Keep in Mind When Purchasing Pool Pump

Here we discuss some factors that should be kept in mind while shopping for a swimming pool pump.

1. Horsepower

This factor determines the speed of the pump. More horsepower means a more powerful pump.

2. In-Ground And Above-Ground Pump

It is the two main categories of the swimming pool. So purchase a pool pump according to the type of swimming pool.

3. Electrical system

It varies from pump to pump. 

4. Size of The Swimming Pool

The size of the pool is also kept in mind during the shopping for the pool pump.

5. Pool Filter Size

This factor is directly related to the size of the pump. If the filter size is small, it reduces the pool pump's lifespan.

Why Do You Choose Poolking?

When it's time to purchase the right pool pump, you may suffer many difficulties but don't worry! Contact Poolking swimming pool pump service. We have a wide variety of pool pumps according to your needs. Here you will find the best pumps for the pool. If you want to know more about Poolking, then visit our site.

Wrap Up

In order to increase the efficiency of the swimming pool, choosing the right pool pump is compulsory. If you still have any confusion, then contact us or comment below. We try our best to guide you properly about purchasing swimming pool pumps.

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