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If you are a swimming pool owner it is beneficial to have a sand filter. You will be surprised to know that sand is the perfect filter. This is the reason why large and above-ground pools use them to keep the water clean. The DIY sand filter pool works best to keep the debris and dust away from the pool. It doesn’t take much time and effort to have the perfect DIY pool filter for your swimming pool. You can enjoy swimming in clean water throughout all the seasons. Three different types of sand filters include diatoms, cartridges, and sand.

Getting to Know the DIY Sand Filter Pool

If you want to have a reliable DIY sand filter, it is necessary to know the basics. The principle of a filter is to keep the dirt particles away from the water. All the sand will pass through the sand in the vertical direction. You need to keep the container closed as it provides the best service for the filler. It allows a smooth flow of water from the pool in a few hours.

The liquid will flow through the filter by the pump and keep the pool clean. Pool owners can have it installed on the supply line or in front of the filter depending on their choice. If the filter is not working properly, it will not clean the pool water effectively.

sand filter

Select the Connect Option of DIY Sand Filter Pool

The pool owners must know how to select the connect options. There are three different filter connection schemes for the pool pump:

1. Pump is usually installed at the front of the sand tank. Similarly, water will be pushed from the sand with a lot of pressure.

2. Another option is that the pump is installed after the filter. Due to this reason all the fluid will come out from the pool and go into the tank. When the pump functions properly it will bring out all the purified water. The water from the pool moves by gravity right into the sand tank.

3. There is no doubt that an industrial-made sand filter can clean the water quickly. Most of them are equipped with pressure gauges. It also features an excess pressure for venting out dirty particles. If you want to DIY sand filter pool, everything will depend on the available components.

Preparing the Case

You can have a sealed container that offers a good amount of volume to handle them under pressure. It will help you build the right filtration system according to the first scheme. The filter chamber is easy to connect with an expansion tank. If this isn’t enough, you can use a polypropylene barrel with a volume. Make sure it has around 60 liters to cope with your swimming pool needs. However, not all of them can handle the pressure.

Embed Fittings & Other Internal Elements

All pool owners must ensure that dirty water inside the filter can deteriorate the working. You cannot get purified water until your filter pump is working correctly. To do this, you can cut the fittings into the walls of your house or inside the cover. It is necessary to treat the tie-in areas carefully with a sealing compound.

You can use a simple water intake drainage device or a piece of plastic pipe with many holes. It is easy to cover them with a garden material on top. If you don’t have one at your home, try using a ready-made product. Some pool owners like to use a cylindrical cartridge that is suitable for filtering drinking water.

Preparing the Filter Element

If you are interested in making a DIY sand filter pool it is recommended to use ready-made quartz sand. It is designed especially for the pool and features granules of an optimal 0.4-0.8mm size. The filter must remain clean and disinfected before use. You will not be surprised to know that the standard package weighs around 25 kg.

 For a medium-sized pool, you will require two bags of 15 and 40 cubic meters. It is best not to use ordinary sand as it can hinder the process of cleaning. If the version is small it is prone to clumping while the large one will not remain properly clean.

Mount Devices for DIY Sand Filter Pool Operation

When you want to implement the injection circuit, it must have a pressure gauge. It is easy to form the pump and filter that is attached right to the tank cap. You can use a small collector along with a pressure gauge, safety valve, and air vent.

sand filter

The pool owners can adjust the instruments while keeping in mind the required parameters. It will be easy to avoid the trouble of lid breakdown. If the pressure is exceeded, the safety valve with drain the excess liquid.

Binding of Filter System

Most industrial-manufactured sand filters feature a six-position valve. They also feature switch modes, especially in the case of self-assembly. You need to have the pipe that has the perfectly located valves and fittings. The design of DIY sand filter pool must provide two different operating modes for the system. These modes include filtering and washing sand.

The pump for each filtration system may not be very powerful. If it features 150-300 watts that will be suitable. You can have the complete replacement of each content of the pool in less than six hours. If there is an artificial reservoir of 20 cubic meters, you need to have a quality pump. Make sure that it offers a capacity of at least 4m3/hour. There is no doubt choosing a pump is not very challenging either.

Connect the System to the Pool

If you use clamps for the filter system it will be easy to connect the hose. When the pool has a ready-made nozzle in the wall, it is easy to connect the hose. The liquid from the pool will help discharge the clean water without any delay. It is necessary to ensure good circulation.


If you want to purchase a new sand filter, check out the collection at Poolking. They have high-quality products that are available at lower prices. You can enjoy swimming in clean water without any problem. Or try a DIY sand filter pool.

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