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Setting the pool filter valve is a little bit of a difficult task. But proper knowledge about filter valve setting makes you able to do this task easily. It is also important to know the function of the valve. This information enables you to know which to use and when to utilize them. First of all, it is crucial to learn about multi-port valves.


It is called a multi-port because it consists of many ports. The function of these ports is to permit water to move in various directions. Basically, there are approximately six different types of pool filter settings on MPV(multi-port valve). Some pool filter valves also have the 7th position. In this guide, we will discuss all pool filter valve positions. We will also explain the working of each one.

All About Pool Filter Valve Setting

Different pool filter valve settings are:

 ● Filter 

 ● Backwash

 ● Waste

 ● Rinse

 ● Recirculate

 ● Closed

 ● Winter or winterize

1. Filter Setting

The name of this setting clears its function well. Its purpose is to filter the swimming pool water through the sand. This setting is used to keep the pool water free of debris by flowing the filter media.


You will also use this setting when it's time to vacuum your pool. Small particles and debris are removed through the filter; in return, it provides clean water. In this setting:

 ● The skimmer or bottom inlet will be used to draw water into the system.

 ● After this, it will pass through the debris filter basket. 

pool filter valve

At this place, the particles that are large in size, such as leaves, etc., will be removed first.

 ● After this removal water goes into the top of the sand filter through the pool pump.

 ● At this stage, the sand captures the small unwanted particles and other dirt. 

 ● Now clean water reaches the bottom of the filter through the path of inlet jets. 

2. Backwash Setting 

The purpose of this setting is to clean the sand in the filter. People do this task after the pool vacuuming or when they observe the high-pressure reading on the pressure gauge. It will reverse the water flow in and out of the tank. After the filter setting, the frequently used setting is the backwash setting.

 ● It normally redirects the wafer flow through a sand filter. 

 ● By leaving the pump, it goes into the bottom of the filter.

 ● Now the waste pipework becomes active, and water containing unwanted particles goes out of the system. 

You can read our other articles related to complete guidance about the backwash of a pool and the pool filter valve.

3. Waste Setting

One of the questions that are overwhelming in your mind is: what is the use of waste setting? Well, this setting is used in different types of situations, such as:

 ● If you want to decrease the level of water. This may be after heavy rain or to empty the pool fully.

 ● You can use this setting when your pool is full of unwanted particles and debris. With this setting, dirt goes out of the system without passing through the filter.

 ● During heavy infestation of green debris or algae. Sometimes filters are unable to catch the tiny particles, so these particles go into the pool again. With this setting, the debris will not reenter the pool. It will be going out of the waste pipe. 

In this setting:

 ● Firstly the pool water is drawn into the system. 

 ● After this, it passes through the debris filter basket. 

 ● From there it is ejected from the system without using a pool filter. 

Now the question is where this waste goes. It depends on your system. Sometimes it will go straight into the sewer system.

4. Rinse Setting

It is one of the most misunderstood settings on the pool filter valve. This setting is used after backwashing. Its purpose is to clean the sand or other filter medium. In this setting:

 ● First of all, water travels in the normal direction. 

 ● Sand removes particles that cause contamination. 

Its main purpose is to settle the sand filter for proper operation.

 ● After this, water goes to waste during the rinse setting and not comes back into the pool

A rinse setting is compulsory if you want clean water after backwashing. Otherwise, you may get cloudy water.

5. Closed Setting

This setting closed all the water flow. You can use it during the following two situations.

 ● If your pool is not used for many days. 

 ● When you wish to empty the basket that captures leaves or other unwanted particles. 

6. Recirculate Setting

It is one of the settings that you will use very less. Many people are unfamiliar with the function of recirculating. During the recirculate setting:

 ● First of all, water is drawn in through the skimmer. 

 ● It enters straight into the pool after passing through the pool pump without the usage of a filter.

pool filter valve

7. Winterize Setting

Not every pool filter valve has this setting. It normally exists when the location of your pool is outside in cold climates. This setting is located between the waste and close setting.


Its main function is to permit the water to expand slightly without causing any damage to the valve.

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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide increases your knowledge about pool filter valve settings. Extra care and maintenance increase the lifespan of the filtration equipment. For sand filters, MPV is available in a design with a flange attachment.


It is a full-featured pool product. One should also repair the multi-port valve from time to time. At Poolking, you will find the full selection of multi-port valve parts. We also have pool filter valve rebuild kits. Make sure that the pump is off before turning the multi-port valve handle. Valves can damage if you change the position without shutting off the pump, so extra care is always needed! 

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