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How the ozone reactor works


The application of the ozone reaction tank in the water treatment industry is mainly to provide enough space for the mixing, contact and reaction of ozone and pool water, so that the water and ozone can be fully integrated to achieve a good disinfection effect. The main material and other parts of the ozone reaction tank equipment are made of 304 stainless steel, which can resist ozone oxidation and chloride ion corrosion. The main weld adopts advanced plasma welding technology, with small heat input, narrow heat-affected zone, and small thermal stress. The welding seam has the characteristics of small deformation, no slag inclusion, and excellent anti-corrosion performance. 1. Ozone Tower 1. Advantages: The ozone tower is essentially a one-time investment, and the mixing rate is higher than that of the injector.

It saves the cost of using the ejector to increase the booster pump and the use of the gas-liquid mixing pump to waste electricity, and the overall image is more beautiful and generous. 2. Disadvantages: high one-time investment cost, the greater the pressure at the bottom of the water, the stronger the pressure of the ozone inlet pressure to drive the bottom aeration pressure. Generally, large-scale water production projects rarely use it, or take a part of it After the water is mixed, it is further added to the main pipeline water, but the mixing rate of the ozone mixing tower is still low within a certain contact time, unless the effective contact time is given enough. 2. The operation mode of the ozone reaction tank Aeration method The aeration method is to pass the ozone gas generated by the ozone generator into the bottom of the ozone reaction tank through the pipeline, and emit micro bubbles through the aeration head and the aeration plate, and the bubbles are rising Dissolve ozone in water during the process.

The efficiency of mixing ozone by aeration method is generally 20-30%. 1. Advantages: convenient and low energy consumption. 2. Disadvantages: The nozzle is easy to block, the gas-liquid mixing rate is low, and the ozone concentration in water is difficult to reach 0.4mg/l. 3. Features of the ozone reaction tank 1. The water enters the upper side of the reaction tank, and the water flows out from the lower side, which forms a countercurrent flow with the ozone bubbles and improves the mixing efficiency.

2. The middle and upper part should be equipped with a liquid level display, which is convenient for observing the water level in the oxidation tower. 3. The reaction tank is generally made of stainless steel. 4. The reaction tank is equipped with an anti-backflow device to prevent water from flowing back to the ozone generator.

5. Air distribution at the bottom of the reaction tank, and the aperture of the aeration filter should be small to generate micro-bubbles. The ozone reaction tank is cut by water jet technology, and all parts are manufactured by advanced machining technology using machining centers and CNC machine tools. The advanced water distribution system in the ozone reaction tank can ensure that the ozone and the pool water have sufficient space and sufficient time to contact and react. The top is equipped with a stainless steel residual ozone automatic collection valve, which can collect the residual ozone from the reaction and connect it to the residual ozone eliminator through pipelines. After being reduced to oxygen, it is discharged into the atmosphere outside the computer room, which fully reflects the existence value and important role played by the ozone reaction tank.

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