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how to turn pool filter on


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How to Turn on Your Pool Filter: A Step-by-Step Guide

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home, but owning one means you have to take care of it. Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming. One essential part of your pool’s maintenance is running the pool filter. The filter is responsible for removing debris and contaminants from the water. Without it, your pool water would quickly become dirty and unsanitary. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to turn on your pool filter and keep your pool water clean and clear.

Subheading 1: Make sure the pool pump is turned off

Before turning on your pool filter, you need to make sure your pool pump is turned off. The pump is what circulates the water through the filter, so it needs to be off before you can turn on the filter. Locate the pool pump and turn it off. This will also turn off any pool equipment connected to the pump, such as a pool heater or automatic pool cleaner.

Subheading 2: Locate the filter valve

The filter valve, also known as the multiport valve, is the valve that allows water to flow through the filter. It is usually located near the pump and filter system, often on top of the filter tank. The valve will have several settings, including filter, backwash, rinse, waste, and closed. Make sure the valve is set to filter before turning on the pump.

Subheading 3: Prime the pump

Before turning on the pump, you may need to prime it. This means filling the pump basket with water to help create suction and get the water flowing through the system. To prime the pump, remove the pump basket lid and fill it with water until it is at least halfway full. Replace the lid and make sure it is securely in place.

Subheading 4: Turn on the pump

Once the pump is primed, it’s time to turn it on. Locate the pool pump switch and flip it to the “on” position. The switch may be located on the pump itself or on the pool equipment panel. You should hear the pump start up and water should start flowing through the system.

Subheading 5: Monitor the pressure gauge

The pressure gauge on the filter tank measures the pressure of the water flowing through the filter. As the filter collects debris and becomes clogged, the pressure will increase. It’s important to monitor the gauge and clean or backwash the filter when the pressure reaches 10 psi above the normal operating pressure. This will ensure that the filter is working properly and that the water is being cleaned effectively.


Running your pool filter is essential to keeping your pool water clean and clear. By following these simple steps, you can safely and effectively turn on your pool filter and keep your pool looking great all summer long. Remember to monitor the pressure gauge and clean or backwash the filter when necessary. With proper maintenance, your pool will be a refreshing oasis for you and your family to enjoy.


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