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Swimming pools are a great way to cool off on hot summer days. Keeping pools clean is crucial, and the most important aspect is the pool filter. A dirty pool filter will cause cloudy water, and nobody wants to swim in that. Coleman pool filters are an affordable and reliable choice for pool filtration needs. In this article, we will explore how to change a Coleman pool filter to keep your pool crystal clear.

Determining the Filter Type

Before changing the pool filter, you will need to identify the type of filter you have. Coleman pool filters are available in cartridge, sand, or DE (diatomaceous earth) filter options. You can find the filter type in the owner's manual, or it may be labeled on the filter itself. Knowing what type of filter you have will determine the filter replacement process.

Gather Tools and Supplies

You will need the following tools and supplies to change the Coleman pool filter:

- New Coleman pool filter

- Filter wrench (if applicable)

- Garden hose

- Screwdriver

- Teflon tape (if applicable)

- Bucket

Turn Off the Pool System

The first step of changing the Coleman pool filter is to turn off the pool pump. This will ensure that no water flows to the filter while it is being changed.

Release Pressure

If your Coleman pool filter operates under pressure, you will need to relieve the pressure. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to release the pressure, as this step can vary per filter type.

Removing the Filter

If your Coleman pool filter is a cartridge type, it will just need to be removed from its housing. To remove a sand filter, use a filter wrench to loosen the valve that connects the filter to the system. For a DE filter, set the valve to “backwash” and release the pressure before removing the drain plug.

Inspect the Housing

While the filter is removed, take time to examine the housing for any debris or damage. Clean out any debris that is present and fix any damage before installing the new filter.

Install the New Filter

Before installing the new Coleman pool filter, lubricate any O-rings or gaskets with lubricant provided by the manufacturer. Reinsert the filter into the housing as per the instruction manual.

Attach the System

Reattach the valve for a sand filter and tighten it with the filter wrench. For a DE filter, reinstall the drain plug and return the valve to its regular operating position. In the case of a cartridge filter, simply reattach the housing lid.

Restart the Pool System

Once the new Coleman pool filter is installed, you can turn the pump back on. Check for any leaks and adjust the pressure if necessary.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To keep your Coleman pool filter functioning correctly, it is essential to perform regular maintenance, such as cleaning or backwashing, and to replace the filter cartridge or media when it is no longer effective.


Changing the Coleman pool filter is a straightforward process that can be done with the right tools, and it will ensure that your pool stays clean and healthy. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the filter will help it run correctly and prolong its life. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, and you'll find that changing the Coleman pool filter is a job that you can do in no time at all.


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