can i put a chlorine tablet in my pool filter


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Can I Put a Chlorine Tablet in My Pool Filter?

When it comes to maintaining a swimming pool, the most important thing is to have a clean and safe water supply. Chlorine is the most common chemical used to disinfect swimming pool water. It kills bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms that may be present in the water. To ensure that the water is properly chlorinated, many pool owners use chlorine tablets. But the question that often arises is whether or not it is safe to put chlorine tablets in the pool filter. In this article, we will explore this question in detail.

Understanding Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets are made of an active ingredient known as trichloro-s-triazinetrione. This compound is a slow-dissolving form of chlorine that is used to maintain the chlorine level in swimming pools. They come in different sizes and are placed in different parts of the pool, depending on the type of pool. But the most common place they are used is in the skimmer basket or floater. This is because it allows the tablets to dissolve slowly in the pool water.

How Do Pool Filters Work?

Pool filters work by trapping dirt and debris that may be present in the water. This is done using filter media such as sand, diatomaceous earth or cartridge. The water is pumped into the filter and passes through the filter media. As it passes through, the impurities are trapped, and the clean water is returned to the pool through the return lines.

Can I Put Chlorine Tablets in My Pool Filter?

The short answer is no. You should not put chlorine tablets in your pool filter. The reason is that the tablets are not designed to be placed in the filter. When the tablets are placed in the filter, they dissolve quickly and can damage the filter media. This can result in reduced filtration and ultimately, poor water quality.

5 Alternatives to Putting Chlorine Tablets in Your Pool Filter

1. Use a chlorinator - A chlorinator is a device that is designed to hold chlorine tablets. It is installed in the pool plumbing, and it releases the chlorine slowly into the pool water. This allows for a constant and controlled amount of chlorine to be added to the pool.

2. Use a floating chlorine dispenser - This is a device that sits on the surface of the pool water and releases chlorine tablets over time. It is a cost-effective option and it does not require any installation.

3. Add chlorine directly to the pool - This is the traditional method of adding chlorine to the pool. It is done by pouring a measured amount of chlorine into the pool. It is a quick and easy way to chlorinate the pool.

4. Use saltwater chlorination - Saltwater chlorination is a process that uses salt to generate chlorine in the water. This is done by passing water through an electrolytic cell, which converts the salt into chlorine.

5. Use a natural alternative - There are natural alternatives to chlorine that can be used to disinfect the pool. These include UV technology or hydrogen peroxide.


In conclusion, placing chlorine tablets in your pool filter is not recommended. It is important to use the appropriate method of adding chlorine to your pool. This will help to ensure that your pool water is clean and safe for swimming. You should also ensure that you check the chlorine levels in your pool regularly to maintain the appropriate level. With the right maintenance and care, you can keep your pool water crystal clear and inviting for all to enjoy.


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