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Do you know about the above ground saltwater pool filter systems? How does it work? And also the benefits of saltwater systems for above-ground pools. If not, then don't worry. In this guide, we will discuss all about above-ground saltwater pool filter systems.


With this knowledge, you definitely become confident that the saltwater pool is the right selection for you. A Salt pool is beneficial in that case if you want to make a change from costly traditional chlorine. Before going into the detail of above-ground saltwater pool filter systems, it is important to know about salt pools. Let's start with your query.

What Do You Mean by Salt Pool?

If you want to keep your pool sanitized and look for different ways, salt pools are one of the famous choices. It simply keeps your pool water clean with the production of chlorine through salt. In order to turn salt into chlorine, electricity is used. If you are new in the swimming pool industry and don't know about the benefits of salt pools, then keep reading this guide till the end.


Saltwater pools use saltwater chlorinators instead of other chemicals in order to maintain the pool. Chlorinator in this pool creates chlorine without using high salinity levels in the water of the pool.


A low salinity level means you don't taste salt. With this system, you enjoy swimming all around the year. In this system, the process of chlorine generation is less costly. Also, it is the natural way to add chlorine to your pool.

above ground saltwater pool filter systems

The Above Ground Saltwater Pool Filter Systems?

Many of you are overwhelmed with the question: is it good to use a saltwater generator for an above-ground pool? The answer is yes. Many people enjoy swimming in the above-ground saltwater pool. If you're going to install the new pool with a salt system, then keep in mind the following factors.

1. Size And Shape

It is important to know about the size of your pool. Purchasing saltwater generators require the size of an above-ground pool. It is crucial to figure out some aspects before using a saltwater pool on an above-ground pool, such as:

 ● Decks.

 ● Landscaping.

 ● Child-proof fences etc.

The capacity of a chlorine generator is directly related to the size of the pool. So, correct measurement is necessary to get proper sanitation. It is good to choose a chlorinator having a capacity of 1.5x to 2x. A good amount of chlorine keeps your pool properly clean and sanitized. So, during the shopping for a saltwater pool, keep in mind the below-mentioned factors:

 ● Pool environment.

 ● Compatibility. 

 ● Maintenance: regular maintenance is always compulsory. 

 ● Pool use: how many people use the pool? Or how many days the pool kept in operation.  

 ● The exact size of the pool.

What Type of Material Is Good for an Above Ground Saltwater Pool?

The material matters greatly if you purchase a ground salt pool. It is crucial that the pool material should work well with the above ground saltwater pool filter systems. In this way, you will get crystal-clear water free of debris and other unwanted particles.


Precautions at the time of selection save you from many future problems. In the case of metal, the chances of corrosion increase. But in the case of above-ground pools, galvanic corrosion occurs. It simply means when two metals having different materials are in electrical contact in a corrosive electrolyte underwater. It is a normal process that happens in any pool.


But saltwater may slightly speed up the whole phenomena. One of the wonderful additions to any above-ground pool is the anode that has material zinc sacrificial deposited on it. This additional idea is great.

Maintenance of Above Ground Saltwater Pool Filter Systems 

Now you have got all the knowledge about size and materials. What is the next step to do? After installing the whole setup, you will definitely enjoy your swimming but always keep in mind that it is important to know how to maintain your pool properly because proper maintenance decides the level of cleanliness or water clarity.


Many steps are involved in the maintenance of salt pools compared to conventional chlorine pools. above ground saltwater pool filter systems.

 ● Properly set your salt chlorinator. This setup will decide the chlorine level directly related to the pool water cleaning. A good amount of chlorine clean water properly that is also safe for swimming. 

 ● Also, check the pH level from time to time.

 ● Regularly check debris and unwanted particles such as leaves, pet fur, dirt, insects, etc.

One should have an idea about these levels and other chemicals. Knowledge of the chemistry level of your pool makes you able to maintain it well. Modern salt chlorinators have a digital warning system. It will alert you about the salinity level.


The cleanliness of the pool always plays a key role in the enjoyment of swimming. So, always make sure that your pool is clean and free of debris.

above ground saltwater pool filter systems

Poolking: High-Quality Above Ground Saltwater Pool Filter Systems 

We all know that the cleanliness of water depends upon the quality of the pool filtration system. Filters play a key role in keeping the pool water crystal clear. Filters capture dirt and debris and provide clean water to the pool.


So, it is important to choose the right pool filters. If you want to purchase high-quality pool filters, then consider Poolking. We have different types and shapes of pool filters that meet the demand of customers. So, pick your filter now without wasting time, and enjoy healthy swimming!

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide gives you the answer to your query. Above ground saltwater pool filter systems are a good choice for getting clear and clean water. Always keep in mind that a proper installation system matters a lot for the correct operation of the filter unit. You can consult with the manufacturer to learn more about the installation process. If you have any questions about your query, then drop a comment. We will guide you in a more clear way!

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