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Every swimming pool must have essential cleaning system components. They work together to offer proper cleaning for the water. One of those items is known as a ‘skimmer.’ It plays a crucial role in keeping the surface of your pool clean from debris that includes leaves, bugs, and insects. The swimming pool skimmer allows the water to leave the pool and arrive inside the pump and filter. If you are looking for a pool skimmer, don’t forget to check out the products at Poolking. Here are more details about the swimming pool skimmer.


What Are Swimming Pool Skimmers?

If you are wondering what is the use of skimmers in a swimming pool? We have all the details here. Pool skimmers play a vital role in cleaning the pool water. When the water is clean, it will become fresh and healthy for the swimmers. They are more like a gutter and will capture debris and other particles out of the pool.

If the debris sinks to the bottom of the pool, it can make the water dirty. However, the natural flow of water will interrupt too. The best part is that the swimming pool skimmer doesn’t have any motor or moving parts. It doesn’t require much maintenance either. You can regularly clean it and keep your pool in the best shape.

swimming pool skimmer


How Does a Swimming Pool Skimmer Work?

If the pool pump is running, the skimmer will work along by pulling water. It will clean the debris from the pool's surface through a weir. When the dust, debris, and bugs pass through the pivoting flap (weir), they will come up in the skimmer basket. This process will continue until the pool pump turns off. The pivoting flaps return to their original position as the pool pump turns off.

It will prevent debris and insects from re-entering the pool, ensuring a lot more safety than before. At this point, you will notice a skimmer basket that contains all the dirty particles. You can make it empty, which ensures a free water flow to the pool. It offers maximum filterability, and you can enjoy swimming in clean water.


Components Of A Swimming Pool Skimmer

The pool skimmers are available in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase the best product from Poolking at competitive prices. The performance will vary depending on the model you choose for your pool. However, it doesn’t matter what skimmer you have, as they all have the same components. Here are the major components below:


1. The Lid

The lid is a visible component of the pool skimmer. It works efficiently to keep the large debris, especially twigs, away. If any harmful particle is stuck inside the pool, it can affect water circulation. It prevents the swimmer from stepping onto the skimmer basket.


2. Mouth

The mouth of the skimmer is more like the opening on the interior side of your pool. It will clean the debris and make the water flow fresh and healthy.

3. Weir

The weir is a swinging flap inside the skimmer's mouth. It pivots as the flow of the water becomes fast. You will be happy to know that the significant feature of this weir is to prevent the debris from moving back into the pool.


4. Skimmer basket

The skimmer or strainer basket will collect the debris before entering the pump. It is an essential component because, without the basket, debris can clog and damage the entire filtration.


5. Suction line

The suction line has a direct connection with the skimmer basket. It gives a lot of power to the working of the skimmer.


6. Equalizer line

The equalizer line will prevent the sucking of air, especially when the water level drops below the main inlet.


How To Maintain A Swimming Pool Skimmer?

If you want to maintain the quality of your skimmer, make sure you clean it well. It will work optimally and prevent any damage to the filtration system. If the skimmer basket is clogged, it will also put a burden on the pump. Ultimately it will decrease the lifespan of the seal and pump. If you are fond of swimming, it becomes necessary to keep your pool clean.

You can stay away from allergies or other harmful reactions to your skin. You must clean the skimmer basket at least once a week. It will not only keep your pool clean but help function it better. Here is how you can maintain the quality of your skimmer:

 ● Turn off the pool pump

 ● Remove the skimmer lid

 ● By taking out the skimmer basket, you can clean everything

 ● Put back the basket into the skimmer

 ● Once the process is complete, turn on the pool pump


Different Types Of Swimming Pool Skimmers

The most common types of skimmers are gutter-type skimmers and wall-mounted skimmers. If you are looking for different types of skimmers and skimmer swimming pool details, here are some of them:


1. Gutter Skimmer

The gutter-type skimmer works like a gutter. It will surround the roof of your house too. It works off the gravity while the suction entrapment emergency is very low. You can install this skimmer in different configurations. It gives a premium look to your pool and spa to fully enjoy it. Some people use hand skimmers as they consider it a budget-friendly option. However, you will have to put the basket manually to clean the debris.


2. Wall-Mounted Skimmer

The wall-mounted skimmer is one of the most common skimmer types used commercially. This skimmer features a box-like opening at the side of the pool. It has an access lid that can cover the entire deck conveniently. The cleaning surface ability of this skimmer is top-notch. It is easy to use, and you can easily maintain the quality of the pool too.



Your swimming pool can be complex, and you need to pick a high-quality skimmer for it. Make sure that your property remains safe and that you can enjoy swimming in a clean pool. You can choose the best swimming pool skimmers from Poolking and make your life easy!

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