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Do you want your pool to spark in all seasons? No doubt easy-to-use summer waves sand filter pump is the best choice. The sand filter for summer wave pool has all the benefits, pool owners are looking for. Traditionally some methods were used to clean the pool water. However, the 10 inches sand filter pump will now keep your pool fresh and healthy. The sand filter uses natural sand and offers premium-quality filtration for your big or small pools. It is necessary to choose the right size of filter for the in-ground or above-ground pools.

How Does a Sand Filter for Summer Wave Pool Work?

A sand filter features a function handle and cleans the water inside the pool. There is a water pump that includes a backwash, rinse, filter, and drain. Whether you have a big or small pool, it has got all you need. The best thing is that a sand filter is most suitable for above-ground pools. When you choose an appropriate sand filter it offers versatility. You can first measure the size of your pool and make sure that the pump fits with the hose set.

sand filter for summer wave pool

Mostly the hose is 1.5 inches long and you don’t need to go for a bigger sand filter pump. Many pool owners are worried about replacing the filter sand. Some believe that it can be costly. However, if you choose the right pump, you need to replace the sand after five years. This idea will make everything look hassle-free. You can easily maintain the cleanliness of your pool and swim in a healthy environment.

Pool owners have the option to keep their pool maintenance easy. They can enjoy swimming in clean water with their family and friends. The sand filter for summer wave pool will do the cleaning no matter what the season. Customers don’t need to worry about anything as the sand filter is available at an economical rate.

How To Select The Right Filter For In-ground and Above-Ground Pools?

Swimming pool filters work efficiently to clean the water. It will help remove debris, dust, and dead bacteria effectively. If you feel that your pool water is becoming dirty or cloudy, look for the right filter. Whether it is the residential or commercial pool owner, they can get the best of everything.

It may be challenging to choose the right filter for in-ground and above-ground pools. There are three different types of swimming pool filters available out there. However, you need to know about the size and type that is suitable for your pool.

If you plan to set up a sand filter for summer wave pool, try using a strong hose pipe. It will help you connect the filter to the pool and move the water smoothly. When the hose is sturdy it can pull out dirt or bacteria fast.

Size Of Pool Filter

Being a pool owner you will like to enhance the efficiency of the pool filter. It is necessary to avoid excessive cleaning which can be a danger to your pool. We recommend you choose the right size of pool filter to get the best results. When you have the right size pool filter it ensures that the pump remains safe and lasts longer.

If you want to select the right size it is important to keep some features in mind. First, you need to consider the flow rate of the pump along with the turnover capacity. If the pump has a flow rate of 70 gallons while the pool is 40,000 gallons, you need a strong filter. Make sure that the sand filter for summer wave pool has a flow rate that is higher than 70 GPM.

If we talk about the turnover it will remain higher than 40,000 gallons. You may feel that it is challenging to size the pool sand filter, but it can become easy. All you have to do is choose wisely and make a good purchase.

Types Of Pool Filters

If you are looking for pool filters, here are some good options to choose from:

1. Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) Filter

D.E filter is one of the most efficient pool filters for any pool. It features a filter media and can filter even the smallest of particles. Usually, the sand and cartridges filters cannot filter the small particles effectively. However, this filter is costly and you need to keep your budget in mind before the final purchase.

2. Sand Filter

Many pool owners believe that a sand filter is the best option for their pool. The best thing is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is not costly. If you have a bigger pool the sand filter may not clean it properly. It has a standard filtration of 20 silica sand. You will notice that they can filter down only 20 to 40 microns. These filters don’t clog easily and can be a good choice for commercial pools.

Types of Sand Filter for Summer Wave Pool

There are two different types of sand filters. You can choose a sand filter depending on the needs of your swimming pool.

sand filter for summer wave pool

1. Top Mount Sand Filter

The top-mount sand filter features typical valve settings. They are easy to mount at the top of the tank. It is much more economical than a side-mount sand filter. The best thing is that it occupies lesser space and makes your feel convenient. When it comes to changing the sand, this filter then requires a bit of hard work. It is best to look for a professional who can do this work.

2. Side Mount Sand Filter

The side mounts sand filter is another good option for pool owners. It comes packed with valve settings that you can mount on the side of the tank. Compared to the top-mount sand filter it occupies more space. However, it is much more convenient and easy to maintain. You don’t need to work hard to replace the sand.


If you are looking for the perfect sand filter for summer wave pool, look no further. Poolking offers premium quality products at affordable rates. Why not start your shopping by browsing their collection?

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