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The pool is a perfect addition to your home as you can use it for swimming and sunbathing. It offers the perfect entertainment space for holding parties. When you want to spend quality time with your family pool happens to be the best choice. You can choose a high-quality above-ground pool sand filter to get the best out of your pool. It is necessary to maintain the quality of your pool to enjoy unlimited benefits. There is no doubt that installing a sand filter for an above-ground can be challenging. However, you don’t have to worry about safety issues if you follow the right instructions.

How Does Sand Filter Work?

The sand filter works best by trapping all the unnecessary particles inside. Pool owners can let the pump run water through the sand. It will trap all the debris and dirt keeping your pool hygienic. You need to invest in a good pump as it will clean the water and return it to the filter pipe. The best thing is that it connects the filter pipe with your pool and skimmer.

An above-ground pool sand filter works exactly like other filters available out there. The only difference is that the sand filter will stay at the top or beside the pool. You don’t need to build up any earth around it and get the best results. Pool owners will feel at ease when they know that the above-ground filter will work best against a flat surface. Whether it is a concrete patio or an uneven surface, you can try out whatever you like.

Things to Consider Before Installing the Sand Filter for Above Ground

You need to follow the instructions below before installing a sand filter for the above-ground.

1. Single Speed

You will not be surprised to know that single-speed pumps are considered the most economical. It is easy to install and maintain the quality without getting worried about anything. Pool owners can consider it a good choice to keep their budget low.

pool sand filter

2. Dual Speed

Dual Speed pumps are one of the most popular and common types of pumps for above ground. It offers a wide range as compared to the single-speed pump. There is no doubt that it happens to be the best choice for every size of the above-ground pool.

Usually, these pumps come at an average price and you don’t have to break your bank while purchasing them. The biggest benefit of having this pump is its versatility. You don’t have to invest in more expensive pumps with variable speeds.

If this isn’t enough the dual-speed pump is a suitable choice for an 18-diameter above-ground pool. It comes packed with a flow rate of 2500 gallons in one hour. No doubt it is enough for almost all types of pools.

3. Variable Speed

Pool owners have the option to choose variable speed pumps. They are a common and popular choice for an above-ground pool. If you have a pool that features 18 diameters or more, look no further. However, variable speed pumps can be very expensive and may not fit your budget. It will be hard to adjust the flow rate and budget as well.

4. Size Of Your Pool

You need to consider the size of the pool before looking for a sand filter pump. However, the bigger the diameter you need the bigger budget and power source for it. You can install a 4300-gallon per hour rated variable speed sand filter pump. It happens to be a good choice for an 18-diameter above or in-ground pool.  

5. Horsepower

It is necessary to consider the horsepower of the pump before making the final purchase. If you are looking for high-quality sand filters, check out the collection at Poolking. The horsepower can determine the flow rate of the entire filter system. For example, you have to pick a 0.75 horsepower for an 18 inches sand filter pump. However, if you have a bigger pool, you need to invest in a powerful variable speed system.

6. Noise Level

The noise level of the sand filter plays an important role when it comes to purchasing decisions. It can determine how loud or noisy the pump will be. However, you can just follow the general rule that applies to the above-ground pools. If the diameter is large it will be more powerful but expensive and noisy at the same time.

pool sand filter

How to Operate the Pool Filter?

You can follow simple tips and tricks to operate the pool filter. Here are some of them:

 · Pool owners shouldn’t backwash the pump especially when it is in running mode. It can cause wear and tear to the entire system.

 · It is essential for pool owners to keep their pools clean. When the filter is dirty it has to work harder to bring fruitful results. No doubt, unnecessary usage of water can be challenging to handle.

 · You must not run your pool filter without installing a pre-filter sock inside. It can cause internal damage to the system and cause other problems too.

 · As your filter pump becomes old you need to backwash it frequently. No matter what time of the season you can backwash it 30 minutes before use. It will help remove all the dust and debris keeping your pool clean, transparent and hygienic.

 · If you follow these simple guidelines, you need not invest in frequent servicing of your swimming pool.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Sand Filter Pump?

There are plenty of things you need to consider before purchasing a new sand filter pump. The first thing is to consider the size and shape of the pool. You also need to consider the space before installing it the right way. Some other important factors include flow rate and energy consumption along with a warranty.


The above-ground pool sand filter plays an important role in keeping your pool water safe. It removes all the harmful bacteria and you can enjoy swimming in a clean pool. Sand filter pumps are made with premium quality materials. You can choose the best filter that suits your requirements. However, sand filter pumps require regular maintenance. It ensures they work efficiently and give you the best results.

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