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What are the factors that affect swimming pool water treatment?


In recent years, there are more and more swimming pools, so what are the problems that affect the water quality of swimming pool water treatment? The quality of swimming pool water quality is good or bad for people's health. It will even seriously affect people's health. Then, the factors that affect the water quality of swimming pool water treatment are as follows. Guangdong Boying Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. explains from the following aspects: 1. When the temperature is higher than 30°C, special attention should be paid to lowering the water temperature. Adding new water to cool down is one way. 2. Swimming pools that use deep well water containing iron and manganese as water sources must add manganese and iron removal processes, otherwise the color of the water will not be blue.

Swimming pool circulating water treatment 3. The blue color of the pool water is not caused by adding copper or other pigments, but is naturally formed by the low turbidity, high transparency and high oxygen content in the water. This water color is natural and eye-catching. 4. The water quality of the pool should be inspected daily, once every two hours after opening. It is best to use automatic inspection and control to maintain water quality balance. 5. The disinfectant must be added continuously to keep the residual chlorine in the water within the range, so as to ensure that the water quality hygiene standard is met.

6. Outdoor swimming pools should pay attention to preventing algae in summer, especially during the rainy season, and add algaecides in advance before thunderstorms come. 7. After adding the coagulant, the precipitation must be sucked off with a sewage suction device before sunrise the next day. 8. It is best to run the circulating water treatment equipment continuously. To save energy, a small water pump can be added to run after the water quality reaches the standard.

9. The most important factor affecting the quality of swimming pool water is the pH value, and the optimal pH value of pool water is 7.2-7.5. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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