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Several potential reasons why ultraviolet sterilizers cannot completely sterilize


I often encounter people who say that the sterilizing effect of the ozone machine is better than that of the ultraviolet sterilizer. Because in practice, the operability of the ozone machine is indeed stronger. But in general, the two are indistinguishable.

When the ultraviolet sterilizer is used by some customers, there will be a problem that it cannot be completely sterilized. Here we will talk about the possible reasons for this phenomenon: 1. The proportion of ultraviolet rays in the 235nm germicidal band is too small. Ultraviolet is a very broad term.

Electromagnetic waves from 16-396nm can be called ultraviolet rays. But what really has a strong bactericidal ability is only a small section around the 235nm band. The light emitted by the current ultraviolet lamps is combined light.

In other words, the light emitted by the ultraviolet lamp includes violet light, short-wave ultraviolet light, long-wave ultraviolet light and other visible light. Some lower quality brands of UV tubes. The proportion of long-wave ultraviolet rays is too small.

The sterilizing ability will be discounted. 2. The radiation intensity is too small. Irradiation intensity is an important indicator to measure the dose of ultraviolet radiation in the germicidal band.

Only when the irradiation intensity reaches the proper standard can the corresponding bactericidal effect be achieved. Irradiation intensity can be expressed in μW/cm2.s. The number of radiant powers received per unit area per unit time.

It's just a non-standard metric. Because of the problem of the germicidal band we mentioned earlier. If all radiation power is not dominated by electromagnetic waves in the germicidal band, this parameter will also lose its meaning.

3. Sterilization distance. This is a question of physics. All radiation emanates spherically.

The farther away from the light source, the smaller the radiation intensity. This requires full consideration of the sterilization distance when designing the ultraviolet sterilizer. There are many ultraviolet sterilizers produced by manufacturers on the market, which are submerged.

The distance of the target stream from the UV sterilizer varies. If the water flow is too far away from the lamp tube, the bactericidal effect cannot be guaranteed. The ultraviolet sterilizer produced by Boying adopts a fully enclosed flow-through design, and the direct sterilization distance does not exceed 1CM, which effectively guarantees the radiation intensity.

Indirectly, the power of the ultraviolet lamp tube can be fully sterilized to the corresponding flow of water without too high power. 4. The turbidity of the flowing liquid. The UV penetration of germicidal band is not so strong.

Therefore, if there is an opaque foreign object blocking the light in the liquid, the ultraviolet rays will not be able to act on the bacteria or viruses on the back of the foreign object. Boying has been emphasizing that the ultraviolet sterilizer should be equipped with physical filtration equipment such as filter sand tanks. On the one hand, it is to ensure the sterilization effect, and on the other hand, it is also to prevent fouling of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp tube by unclean water.

5. The effective life of the lamp has expired. Generally, the effective life of domestic ultraviolet germicidal lamps is only 8,000 hours, while the average effective life of Philips T8 ultraviolet lamps can be as long as 12,000 hours. When the effective service life of the lamp tube is up, the lamp tube should be replaced.

6. It is related to the selection of the ballast. The ballast is a component that is closely related to the life, radiation intensity and stability of the lamp. It is very important for a brand of UV lamps to choose original and genuine ballasts.

Inferior or unmatched ballasts will not only greatly reduce the life of the UV lamp, but may also cause the UV germicidal lamp to fail to emit light normally or fail to reach the normal radiation intensity after multiple starts. resulting in incomplete sterilization. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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