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Several aspects to consider when using a UV sterilizer


Nowadays, whether it is domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, urban water supply treatment, farm water treatment, pure water treatment, or drinking water treatment, the application of ultraviolet sterilizer sterilization technology is very common. Let us understand what needs to be considered when using ultraviolet sterilizers today. several aspects. The following points need to be considered when using a UV sterilizer: Quality of the ballast The selection of electronic ballasts of different quality has a great influence on the UV output of the UV lamp. We should choose a high-quality electronic ballast that can make the output power of the ultraviolet lamp meet the design requirements, so that the radiation dose of the ultraviolet lamp can meet the sterilization requirements.

The preheating electronic ballast is extremely beneficial to prolong the life of the lamp, especially when the ultraviolet lamp needs to be switched on and off frequently. Ultraviolet transmittance UV The transmittance of ultraviolet rays in different water qualities is different, and the transmittance of ultraviolet rays in pure water is the highest. Therefore, for the same ultraviolet lamp, the sterilization rate in pure water is the highest.

In water with impurities, the bactericidal rate will decrease because the impurities will absorb ultraviolet energy. Therefore, the design of the sterilizer cavity should consider the water quality, and increase or decrease the ultraviolet radiation dose received by the water in the sterilizer according to the quality of the water. Considering the influence of water quality, and the ultraviolet intensity of ultraviolet lamps will decrease after a period of use, more than 20% of the surplus ultraviolet radiation dose should be reserved when designing the sterilizer.

The absorption coefficient of different liquids for UVC ultraviolet rays per centimeter depth. Selection of UV Lamp Types There are three types of UV lamps: low-pressure UV lamps, medium-pressure UV lamps, and high-pressure UV lamps. Low pressure ultraviolet lamps are the most used.

When choosing, you can choose according to the specific water quality. If you are dealing with sewage or the water volume is large, you can choose a low-pressure lamp. Generally, they are low-voltage lamps, the price is right, and the effect is better. The design of the ultraviolet sterilizer cavity After we have selected the model of the ultraviolet lamp, the key lies in the design of the ultraviolet sterilizer cavity in order to maximize the ultraviolet sterilizing power.

For each type of bacteria, there is a minimum dose of UV radiation above which the bacteria will be killed or lose their ability to reproduce. Therefore, the design of the cavity should ensure that the time and dose of ultraviolet radiation received by the flowing water are sufficient to kill bacteria. Specifically, the volume of the cavity should be large enough. It is best to make the water flow through the ultraviolet radiation area for more than three seconds. The closer the distance between the water and the ultraviolet lamp, the better, so that the ultraviolet radiation intensity of the lamp is above 30000um/cm2 to ensure 99% bacteria killing rate.

If the ultraviolet radiation intensity is very strong, the time for water to flow through the ultraviolet radiation area of ​​the cavity can also be reduced. The ultraviolet radiation dose in the cavity can be increased by increasing the number of ultraviolet lamp tubes in the cavity. In order to make full use of ultraviolet radiation, the design of the cavity should ensure that the light-emitting part of the ultraviolet lamp is between the water inlet and outlet.

At present, there are endless ultraviolet sterilizers on the market. The key to the sterilization efficiency of ultraviolet sterilizers lies in the design of ultraviolet sterilizers. The above are the precautions for the design of ultraviolet sterilizers that we bring to you. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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