What should I do if the sand tank filter of the swimming pool is scaled?


Swimming pool filter sand tank has been filtered for a long time, and the accumulated impurities and dirt have scaled. General recoil can no longer clean the grease and sludge on the sand. It has been tested that the sand contains a large number of bacteria and viruses. Even if the pH value is normal, adding The dosage is too high, the residual chlorine is very high, and the water quality is also very turbid. If the cost of frequent sand replacement is high, it is unrealistic, and it becomes necessary to thoroughly clean the swimming pool filter equipment with chemicals. 1. Reduce the pressure of the sand tank. Excessive sludge and impurities have accumulated in the filter of the sand tank for a long time, and the filtering ability of the sand will be reduced, or even hardened, resulting in an increase in the pressure of the sand tank, causing damage to a series of parts such as the water pump and the sand tank head, and causing serious damage. Security risks.

2. Prevent sand compaction Thoroughly remove the sludge and dirt attached to the sand material, make the sand material clean as new, and prevent sand compaction caused by incomplete backwashing. 3. The water quality is clearer. The sand is cleaned and the filtering ability of the sand is improved, so the water is naturally clear. 4. Reduction in the amount of chemicals used. A large number of bacteria and viruses contained in the sand are cleaned up, so less chemicals are naturally consumed, and the cost is naturally reduced.

Therefore, it is suggested that 1. Clean the sand tank once a month for high-temperature pools and hot spring pools. ; 2. Clean the sand tank once a year in the swimming pool. Features: 1. It can eliminate Staphylococcus aureus and use less disinfectants.

2. Thoroughly remove the sludge and dirt in the sand tank, so that the pool water can be kept clean for a long time. 3. Avoid frequent water changes, saving water and heating costs. 4. It relieves the hardening of the sand in the sand tank, and it is more convenient to change the sand.

Usage and Dosage Open the head of the sand tank, open the drain valve to drain the water, close the drain valve, dilute the medicine with water and evenly sprinkle it on the sand of the sand tank (the same amount as the released water), the amount of water should be over the sand. Soak for 3-8 hours, and install the lid of the sand tank. Backwash for 10-30 minutes and then wash for 5-15 minutes to filter normally.

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