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Swimming Pool Handrail Height

When you build a swimming pool or renovate an existing one, one of the most significant factors you have to consider is the height of the handrails. While having a pool is an excellent way to keep cool during the hot summer months, it is also a potential area of concern or danger. Therefore, installing handrails around the pool is crucial as it will provide additional safety measures to prevent accidents from happening. Here, we will discuss the importance of proper swimming pool handrail height.

1. What is Swimming Pool Handrail Height?

Swimming pool handrail height is the vertical distance from the top of the railing to the pool deck. The height of the handrails ensures the safety of swimmers when entering or exiting the pool. In most places, the height of the handrails for a swimming pool ranges from 33 to 38 inches.

2. Factors that Influence Handrail Height

The height of the handrails will depend on several factors, including the size of the pool, the slope of the pool deck, and the depth of the water in the pool. If the pool is small, it means that the handrail height will be shorter because it will be more accessible. Conversely, if the pool is significant, the handrail height will be higher, making it easier for swimmers to step out of the water.

3. The Importance of Proper Handrail Height

The importance of proper handrail height cannot be overstated. When the height of the handrails is too low, it becomes challenging for people to use the handrails to help them get in and out of the pool comfortably. It also poses a significant risk to children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities as they will struggle to pull themselves out of the pool. On the other hand, if the height of the handrails is too high, it becomes challenging for shorter people, children, and individuals with mobility issues to use the handrails.

4. Benefits of Proper Swimming Pool Handrail Height

Proper swimming pool handrail height has several benefits, including:

Enhanced Safety

The most critical benefit of properly installed handrails is that they help reduce accidents and promote pool safety. This is particularly true for children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities who are at a higher risk of falls or slipping.

Easy Accessibility

Properly installed handrails provide swimmers with convenience, making it easier to enter and exit the pool. When the handrails' height is just right, even those without mobility issues can enjoy the pool without worrying about how they will get out.

Increased Comfort

Swimming pool handrails that have the proper height offer greater comfort and ease when exiting and entering the pool. This is particularly true when your pool is of average or larger size. The handrails' height ensures a safe grip, and as a result, there is less stress and strain on the muscles and joints.

5. Complying with Local Regulations

Pool owners are subject to specific regulations that govern the installation of swimming pool handrails' height. Therefore, it is imperative to consult with your local building regulatory authority to ensure that your pool's handrails are correctly installed and in compliance with the regulations.


Swimming pool handrail height is an essential aspect of swimming pool safety. It is important to ensure that the handrails are of proper height so that users can conveniently enter and exit the pool while ensuring their safety. Proper swimming pool handrail height offers numerous benefits, including enhanced safety, easy accessibility, and greater comfort. Ultimately, complying with local regulations ensures that you have a safe and functional swimming pool.


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