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The sand tank filter backwash cycle should meet the regulations


The backwashing period of the sand tank filter should meet the following requirements: 1) If the reading of the pressure gauge on the filter sand tank is 50kpa or more than the initial reading after the last backwashing, it is necessary to backwash immediately; 2) The continuous operation time reaches 5 3) The swimming pool is planned to be closed for more than 5 days before it is closed. The backwashing method should be carried out according to this operating procedure. When conditions permit, air can be added regularly and water backwashed.

1. Filters should be backwashed one by one, and no two or more filters should be backwashed at the same time. 2. Sufficient flushing strength and water pressure should be ensured for backwashing. When the backwashing does not meet the requirements, the backwashing shall not be interrupted.

3. After the backwashing of the pressure filter and activated carbon adsorption filter is completed, flushing and bleaching should also be carried out. 4. The daily work records should not be less than the following items: 1) Filter running time; 2) During the running period, it is advisable to record the change of inlet and outlet water pressure every 4 hours; 3) Backwashing time, duration and intensity; 4) Primary filtration time, put into operation time. 5. The multi-way valve on the filter is absolutely not allowed to operate under pressure, and must be operated under the state of no pressure when the machine is shut down; 6. The multi-way valve must be switched in place during operation; Dosing system 1. Stop in every swimming season After dosing, dosing metering pumps and other related dosing systems should be cleaned with clean water; 2. After the dosing liquid is prepared, there should be no granular medicines; Reliable, well-known domestic brand! Choose stainless steel sand tank, and it is guaranteed to arrive in Boying! Hotline: 4008-335-020 Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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