Factors Affecting the Quality of UV Sterilizers


The quality of the ultraviolet sterilizer is related to the ultraviolet lamp, reaction chamber, electronic ballast, quartz sleeve, flange, sealing component, control box, etc. Under sufficient irradiation intensity, ultraviolet disinfection technology has extremely high sterilization efficiency, and the sterilization efficiency can generally reach more than 99%. And the sterilization time is very short, bacteria can be inactivated in 1 second, while traditional chlorine, ozone and other chemical disinfection methods generally need to be mixed for more than 6 minutes.

The ultraviolet sterilizer uses the radiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp tube, that is, the radiation intensity emitted by the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which is inversely proportional to the distance of the irradiated object to be sterilized. When the water stays in the ultraviolet light for a long time, the bactericidal effect is better, and the closer it is to the light source, the better the bactericidal effect. The ultraviolet lamp tube is an important part of the sterilizer, and its service life and quality are directly related to the disinfection effect and quality of the ultraviolet sterilizer.

The service life of a normal ultraviolet lamp can reach about 12,000 hours. In addition, the gradual attenuation of the ultraviolet radiation dose during the use of the lamp will affect the sterilization effect, so it is recommended to use imported ultraviolet lamps. Imported ultraviolet lamps are expensive, but they can save energy, protect the environment, and have higher use value. The reaction chamber of the ultraviolet sterilizer is a container for water to be sterilized and sterilized by ultraviolet light. It is mainly made of high-quality stainless steel through welding, grinding and polishing.

The quartz sleeve in the ultraviolet sterilizer is also very important, limiting the ultraviolet C wave to ensure the effect more effectively. The flange of the ultraviolet sterilizer is used to connect the water inlet and outlet of the water source. The quality of the flange of the ultraviolet sterilizer is related to the durability and pressure bearing capacity of the interface of the ultraviolet sterilizer. The sealing component of the ultraviolet light is used in the ultraviolet sterilizer to protect the water inflow and outflow of the ultraviolet lamp tube. The quality of the rubber ring is related to the cleanliness and durability of the water.

Because the rubber ring is in direct contact with water, the ultraviolet sterilizer is also subject to ultraviolet radiation and is prone to aging, resulting in waste of cost. The control box of the ultraviolet sterilizer is used to control the switch, start, protection, control, etc. of the ultraviolet lamp. When purchasing a UV sterilizer, in addition to considering the brand and price of the UV sterilizer, you should also fully communicate with the manufacturer about the temperature and humidity of the site to decide whether to make an integrated or split type. how many.

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