La piscina més perillosa del món, t'atreveixes a nedar?


Located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is 360 feet high and has a naturally formed rock pool on the top, known as the most dangerous swimming pool in the world.



The world’s most dangerous swimming pool is one of the most famous natural sights. The Victoria Falls is also known as the Mosiota Turia Waterfall locally, which means “the t thundering rain and fog”.



For most time of the year, the running water pour down from the top of the waterfall. However, when the dry season comes, the amount of water is decreasing and tends to be calm. The rock on the edge of the cliff becomes a natural wall, so that the river water no longer flows down. A small amount of river water blocked by rocks forms a natural pool at the top of the waterfall. Because the pond is on the edge of the cliff, it is called the Victoria Devil Pool, the most dangerous swimming pool in the world.



Many tourists are attracted by this unique sight and go to “Devil's Pool” to enjoy the most dangerous swimming pool .In September and October, the water level is relatively low and you can swim in the devil's pool. In fact, although the name “Devil's Pool” is daunting, visitors don’t have to worry about their safety because of the rock enclosure. Visitors who have personally experienced it in the pool say that the "Devil's Pool" doesn’t sound that dangerous except for the roaring water flowing around him.
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