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If you want to enjoy healthy swimming, then clean pool water is compulsory. For this purpose, one should check the pool equipment properly. We all know that cleanliness of water is directly related to the pool filtration system. So, to get fresh and clean water, the proper functioning of the pool sand filter is compulsory. But how do I know the reason why my sand filter is not filtering? Well, there are many reasons behind it. If you want to know the causes, then stay connected with us till the last line of the article. Without wasting your time, let's start to answer your query!

Why is My Sand Filter Not Filtering?

To get answer this question, first of all, check the following parameters such as:

 ● Is the pump properly circulating water into the swimming pool.

 ● If the pump is circulating water, then how strong the flow.

Besides this, backwashing more than a limit reduces the efficiency of the filtration process. Did you know that old sand cleans best? It may sound weird, but it is true! That does not mean that you stop the backwashing process. Backwashing is also compulsory to circulate water properly. Now the question is when to backwash your sand filter. Well, when water circulation slows down, it is the right time to backwash!

Dirt Come Back to Filter Through The Pump

This condition mainly occurs due to a broken lateral. The base of your sand filter contains the lateral arms. Also, this section of the filter collects the circulating water. When any of these arms are broken, then water comes back to the pool after circulation along with dirt particles or sand. Another possibility is that it may be time to change the sand of the pool filter. So, it is good to change the sand every 3 to 5 years. Make sure that you choose the right brand of sand!

sand filter

After Backwashing, Water Still Remains Dirty

If no amount of backwashing resolves the problem, then what to do? In such a situation, one should have many options, such as:

 ● Through running the garden house clean the old sand. Keep the flow low.

 ● The 2nd option is to replace the old sand with a new one. There are not a lot of steps involved in changing sand. You can do it by yourself! But extra care is required during the time of replacement. Especially keep an eye on the lateral arms.

Not regularly beach or play sand is used to clean the pool water. Add the sand carefully and gradually.

Other Different Types of Sand Filter Problems

It is the intelligent choice to select the sand filter. Many people choose it due to following reasons:

 ● Simple to use.

 ● Easy to maintain.

 ● Less expensive.

But sometimes, problems are involved in the working of the sand filter. Due to improper functioning, it is not clean the pool water properly. Below we have mentioned common sand filter problems that may be the cause of filter not filtering.

1. High-Pressure Problems of Sand Filter

The most worrying problem is high filter pressure. It is essential to know the exact pressure depending upon the model of the sand filter. To know the exact range check the manufacturer's instructions. If the value of pressure is high, then you may suffer some dangerous situations. There are many reasons for high pressure, such as:

 ● A dirty pool filter means that the filter catches dirt and debris. It can be solved by cleaning the filter.

 ● Air leak: If the pressure remains high after cleaning, air leaking may be the problem. You can resolve it by replacing the damaged O-ring.

 ● Clogged return pipes are due to continuously coming debris into the pool. Fix the problem by unclogging the pipe.

2. Low Filter Pressure Problems

This situation is less dangerous than the above one. We don't say that you don't fix this problem. Fixation of this complexity is also crucial. It means that water does not flow with the pressure the filter requires. This may also be the cause that the sand filter is not filtering. There are many causes for this complexity, such as:

 ● Clogged skimmer basket: full skimmer basket may be the cause of low filter pressure.

 ● The 2nd valid reason for the low pressure is clogged in the plumbing.

sand filter

3. Leaking Sand

Another filter problem is leaking sand. This problem is not severe until the amount of sand is minimal! But wait, this problem becomes serious if a large amount of sand leaks into the pool water. There are many reasons behind it. Some of them are mentioned below:

 ● Overfilling sand: if the filter tank is filled from the above certain level, then leaking sand occurs.

 ● Broken lateral arms and standpipe.

 ● The backwashing valve is not functioning properly.

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The Bottom Line

Whenever you find any of the above sand filter problems, try to solve them immediately. If the problem lasts longer, then the situation becomes worse. You may face losses of other pool equipment. If your filter is not filtering the water, set a multiport instead of circulating water. Our priority is your satisfaction. If you still have any problems, drop a message in the comment section. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible!

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