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Aquarium equipment can be challenging to understand as there are so many things available. You need to understand which can be the most suitable choice. If you plan to set up an aquarium project having the necessary equipment is highly important. There are plenty of essential things. However, there is some optional equipment as well. The aquariums come in different shapes and sizes but a rectangular glass aquarium is the most popular one.

Aquarium Equipment

You will need the following aquarium equipment for your aquarium project.

1. Stands

The aquarium stand is one of the most essential aquarium equipment. They can bear a certain amount of weight. However, when it is full you have to be careful. Many aquariums come packed with stands and it gives them good support too. Whenever you purchase a new tank it is best to check the guarantee carefully.

If you are trying to use something else or make a stand on your own it is up to your choice. The whole aquarium is going to weigh more when it is full of water. Some people use a calculator to check out their weight. Even a very small aquarium can easily hold up to seventy liters of weight. It is close to ninety-five kilos or 14 stones.

2. Hood/lid

Most aquariums require hoods or lids. There is plenty of fish that are ‘jumpers’ by nature. You can easily find your beloved pet inside the water no matter how far they go. When you choose to have a hood around the aquarium it will prevent the cats from catching the fish. It can help with filtration and keeping the lights safe as well. Without the hood, the fish may jump out of the water.

aquarium equipment

3. Filters

There are different types of filters available for the aquarium. The filters is one of the most essential aquarium equipment. Filters can draw water from one side to the other. It depends on what type of filter you choose according to the size of the aquarium. Users can check the size of the specifications on the manufacturer’s manual guide.

The internal filters can sit inside the aquarium. You don’t have to worry about installing it themselves. They are a suitable choice for small aquariums. If we talk about the external filters sitting outside the aquarium. External filters are quite easy to handle and you don’t have to put in much effort to maintain the quality.

4. Accessories

If you are planning to set up an aquarium project. Here are some aquarium equipment accessories that you will need:

Spray Bars

Spray bars are one of the most prominent additions to the outlet of your filter. This outlet helps the water to return to the aquarium. The spray bar is strong and features a tube along with holes. It helps the water to come out of the holes and distribute inside the aquarium efficiently. Some users feel that this isn’t very essential for their project. They come as a part of the filter kit.

Filter Media

Filter media features sponges, ceramics, and many other filtration items. They all sit inside the body of the filter. Sponges and ceramics will help remove the debris by trapping all the bits and pieces. Moreover, the filter media will prevent them from returning to the aquarium.

If this isn’t enough, it can operate biologically to filter all the harmful bacteria. It involves fish waste, whether toxic or non-toxic. Some other types of filter media help with specific purposes. They can remove phosphate and other types of bacteria inside the aquarium. This aquarium equipment can help your pets live longer.

Venturi Valves

Venturi valves are fit for the internal filters. However, everything will depend on the model of the aquarium. It helps the filter suck in air and water at regular intervals. In this situation when the water flows back to the aquarium it will come in form of bubbles. You can keep the water well oxygenated in this way.

V Sterilizers

V sterilizers are not very challenging to handle. They are useful for keeping delicate species safe and secure. Moreover, it will keep the pathogens away. Some people are not in favor of having these sterilizers though. They feel it will not bring much difference to the aquarium's needs. Some users like to use V sterilizers along with a small pump. The water flows with ultra violet light and kills harmful pathogens and algae.

5. Aquarium Lighting

There are plenty of aquariums that come packed with lighting. However, this lighting aquarium equipment may not be essential for all setups though. It can have plenty of benefits though and you can make your plan accordingly. You don’t need proper lighting on the aquarium for the fish but it can be suitable for them.

aquarium equipment

Usually, the light keeps coming to them from a small window and they can survive well. Some fishes like nocturnal can benefit a lot from moonlighting. It helps them move around even in the darkness of night. Even though there are plenty of lighting options available fluorescent tubes are the most popular. They all come in different sizes that include T5 and T8.

6. Heaters

Heaters are an essential part of a tropical setup. In some areas, the water temperature needs to be higher than the ambient temperature. If the temperature isn’t right, it can be a threat to your pets. Many keeps of cold water fish have to keep heaters in their aquarium. It ensures steady temperature no matter what the season.

There are various types of heaters available and you can choose the best one according to your need. Generally, you need one watt per liter of water to have the perfect heater in your aquarium. If your aquarium is too large you can set up two heaters to keep the water temperature constant.


If you are setting up an aquarium project having the best aquarium equipment is necessary. This article covers all the basics so you don’t miss out on anything important. You can purchase high-quality aquarium equipment from Poolking at convenient prices.

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