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Which of the Swimming Strokes Burns the Most Calories?


Swimming is a great way to not only get into shape, but to stay in shape. If you’re looking for an intensive workout that’s effective on your body-building – look no further than the pool. Before we talk about which of the four main swimming strokes are the best for burning calories while swimming, let’s talk a bit about what is a calorie? and how to burn it?

Calories is a unit of measurement for energy. We usually associate calories with food and drink however, anything that provide energy for daily activity has calories. Losing weight is always about burning calories. To lose one pound, you need to burn 3,500 calories! So choosing a right swimming strokes can help you burn more calories.


butterfly stroke


According to the scientific research, butterfly stroke can burn the most calories, it could burn 774 calories per hour. But i don't recommend this stroke, because it is too hard to learn for beginner. Technique is extremely important and hard to master for the butterfly stroke. Due to the stroke’s complexity, it’s best to stray from this stroke unless you’ve got excellent technique.

Actually, is the best stroke to swim to burn calories for the normal people, it is also the slowest and most casual of all competitive swimming strokes, it burn the same amount of calories per hour as the freestyle strokes. Breaststroke burns 704 calories per hour. While this is 74 calories short of the butterfly, in the long-run, breaststroke is more optimal because it’s easy to swim for prolonged periods of time. If you’re not a competitive swimmer, it’s best to opt for the breaststroke as you can swim for longer without exhausting yourself quickly. Not like the butterfly, breaststroke is also the easiest to swim and perfect with regards to technique.


swim can keep fit


From what we know about burning calories: you burn more calories when you burn more oxygen . Increased resistance coupled with long distance swimming make this stroke ideal for burning calories. Breaststroke is best way to keep you swimming and burn your calories.

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