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A swimming pool has a plumbing system that allows the water to love from the pool. A pool filter valve pump and filter allow you to clean the water and flow it back into the pool. The valves are the perfect circulation system that helps divert water from one place to another. If you want to make sure that the water doesn’t flow backward inside the pool, it is a great idea to use a pool filter valve. If you don’t use a valve, all the nasty stuff that was sucked out to get filtered gets back again inside the pool. Pool valves help to manage the water flow of your pool. There are different types of valves, but you must know how to use them properly.


What Are Pool Filter Valves?

Pool circulation is important because it helps to keep the water clean. If you want to keep the water swimmable, you should maintain the pool water hygiene. If the pool water doesn’t move and cannot go through a filter, it can be trouble. All kinds of dirt and debris can be removed with the help of pool valves.


All that water from the pool moves out and back into the pool with the help of the pipes. Pool filter valves help control the direction of water flow in and out of the pool. If you want to enter the pool water to enter the filter and expel it in the right direction, pool valves could be the right choice.


These valves help move the water smoothly through the plumbing and back to the pool. If the water moves backward in the filter, you will get a lot of dirt, debris, and bacteria back in the pool. Pool valves help to keep the water moving in the right direction.

pool filter valve


Types Of Pool Valves

Four different pool filter valves will help water flow in the right way. Here are some of them:

1. Multiport Valves

The multiport valve is located on the filter. It helps direct the water through the filter to clean and rinse it. Similarly, it will expel the water to waste, which helps vacuum the pool.

2. Diverter Pool Valves

The diverter pool valves will help you divert or redirect the water flow from one part to the other part of the plumbing system. There are two different types of diverter pool valves: two-way valves and three-way valves. The diverter valves are available with or without the unions.

3. Check Valves

Whenever you turn off the pump, it helps prevent the water from flowing backward. This is what a pool filter valve can do to keep your pool in good condition. These are necessary for various situations and a large variety of equipment.

4. Valve Actuators

There are plenty of automatic chlorinators and timers that go along with the pool. So why not automate your valves too? This is what a valve actuator will do for you. Instead of walking over to the pool and handling the pool equipment area, it is best to do it manually. You can install the valve actuator at the top of the diverter valves. The valve actuators will help you turn on the hot bar and even the water features. It all happens with the push of a button.


How to Replace Pool Valves?

Like many other types of equipment, a pool filter valve setting can be changed according to your desires. It cannot last forever. At some point, you will either need to replace or repair it with one or more valves. If your pool is old, it’s about time you replace the valves. The best part is that these pool valves have become better and more advanced than the previous years.


Why Choose Pool Filter Valve From Poolking?

Poolking offers the best pool filter valve. They are designed with the latest technology and help move the pool water in the right direction. These valves help with enhancing the pool filter performance. You can maintain sparkling clean water with the help of a pool filter valve. These pool valves are suitable for all sizes of swimming pools, aquariums, water parks, and water treatment projects.


Pool valves are designed with a composite material that offers higher resistance to pressure. You can choose from various models and specifications and get the most suited pool valves for your needs. The company also offers custom-made services and will allow you to choose equipment based on your requirements. You can also buy the best pool valves for commercial projects.


The pool valves come with various pool filter settings that allow you to use the pool filter without any hassle. It is essential to get a high-quality filtration system for your swimming pool as this will allow you to maintain hygiene.


Poolking offers different types of pool filter valves that require little maintenance. You can also buy cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth filters that offer high performance. The filtration system even removes dirt that is not visible to the naked eye.


Best Pool Filter Valve At Poolking For Swimming Pools

Here are some of the best pool filter valves suitable for your residential and commercial swimming pools.

1. 1.5" Side-mounted Multiport Valve For Side-mounted Filters

1.5" side mount multiport comes with a 6-way valve. It is designed with the best six features to clean the pool efficiently. You can filter, backwash, rinse, recycle and perform all the necessary cleaning tasks of your pool with the help of this pool filter.


2. 2" Side-mounted Multiport Valve For Side-mounted Filters

2" Side mount multiport is a 6-way valve with a functional piping kit. It has a long 900 elbows, 2" union sets, and a pressure gauge. It is suitable for the Poolking KS, LS, BS, LBS, and HKA series filters.


3. Butterfly Valves From 2"~8" For Commercial Filters

The butterfly valves are the best pressure gauge suited for the K and HK series filters. It allows the users to use the control system for single or double use. The pool filter valve features five butterfly valves and flanges.


Wrap Up

So how do you choose the best pool filter valve for your swimming pool? It is essential to look for a filter valve that will clean your contaminants and make them easy to clean. You can consult this informative guide to find out all about the Poolking pool filter valve.

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