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Many of you are confused about the usage of push-pull or multi-port valves. Normally it was introduced to transit the direction of water in one easy movement. The uncleaned water is expelled from the waste port of the valve. This pool filter backwash valve is connected to the discharge hose. So, the main purpose of the backwash valve is to clean the pool water. Backwashing is necessary if you wish your pool water keeps away from debris, leaves, or unwanted small particles.


Backwashing is needed in the case of sand and D.E. filter, while in the case of cartridge filters, there is no requirement for backwashing. So, cartridge filters are not equipped with a backwash valve. Besides all of this, there are many other uses for backwash valves. In this guide, we will discuss all of them. Stay connected with us to learn more about the uses of pool filter backwash valves.

What Is the Use of a Pool Filter Backwash Valve?

If you want to enjoy your swimming, it is important that the pool's water remains clean and dirt-free. Pool filter backwash valve has many uses. In this guide, we will discuss its top uses in a detailed manner.

Here are the top 8 uses for the backwash valve:

pool filter backwash valve

1. To Clean Your Pool Filter

One of the most common uses for a pool filter backwash valve is to clean your pool filter. Over time, your pool filter can become clogged with dirt and debris, which can reduce its efficacy. By using a backwash valve to clean your filter, you can remove all of the built-up dirt and debris and restore your filter to its original condition.


So, backwashing the filter will remove any dirt and unwanted particles that have accumulated on the filter media. This will help keep your pool water clean and clear.

2. To Remove Leaves and Other Contaminated Particles From Your Pool

Another common use for a pool filter backwash valve is to remove leaves and other debris from your pool. If you have a lot of leaves and other debris in your pool, removing them with a standard pool vacuum can be difficult. However, by using a backwash valve, you can quickly and easily remove all of the leaves and debris from your pool.

3. It Will Be Used to Remove Algae

If you notice that algae are starting to grow in your pool, backwashing the filter can help remove it.

4. To Clean Your Pool’s Plumbing

In addition to cleaning your pool filter and removing leaves and debris from your pool, you can also use a pool filter backwash valve to clean your pool’s plumbing. Over time, your pool’s plumbing can become clogged with dirt and debris. By using a backwash valve to clean your pool’s plumbing, you can remove all of the built-up dirt and debris and restore your pool’s plumbing to its original condition.

5. Use to Remove Sediment

If sediment has accumulated in your pool, backwashing the filter can help remove it.

6. To Flush Your Pool’s Filter

If your pool’s filter is not working properly, you may need to flush it. Flushing your pool’s filter will remove all the dirt and debris that has built up inside it. To flush your pool’s filter, simply attach a hose to your pool filter backwash valve, and turn on the water.

7. To Unclog the Filter

Backwashing the filter can help remove the obstruction and restore proper flow if the filter becomes clogged.

8. To Winterize Your Pool

If you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter, you may need to winterize your pool. Winterizing your pool will help to prevent your pool’s plumbing from freezing and bursting. To winterize your pool:

 ● Simply attach a hose to your pool filter backwash valve, and turn on the water.

 ● Allow the water to run through your pool’s plumbing for a few minutes, and then turn off the water.

When preparing your pool for winter, backwashing the filter can help remove any water left in the filter. This will help avoid the filter from freezing and cracking.

How to Backwash a Pool Filter?

One can backwash the pool filter by following the below-mentioned steps:

 ● First of all, turn off the pump.

 ● Roll out the backwash hose.

 ● For any closed valve, check the waste line.

 ● Now set the valve handle into the backwash setting.

 ● Switch on the pump.

 ● After this, water should flow out backwash pipe.

 ● Backwash for about 2 to 3 minutes or more until the water gets clear.

 ● Switch off the pump.

 ● Set the valve back to filter and turn the filter back on.

 ● Now increase the flow rate by observing the lower pressure on the tank filter.

pool filter backwash valve

Replacing a Pool Filter Backwash Valve

When you observe that the pool filter valve is not working, it's time to replace it with a new one. When you buy the new valve, ensure the product's quality. Find the correct valve that meets the demands of your pool sand or D.E. pool filter.


Poolking has served you for many years. We have top-quality filtration equipment that fulfills your demands well. Here you will find a wide variety of swimming pool products. We guarantee our products as well. To get more information about Poolking, you can visit our site.

The Bottom Line

Maintenance is always necessary to keep the pool products in good condition. However, multiport valves don't require special maintenance. They don't need any lubrication etc. You just need to winterize it properly, especially in the case of cold weather. Furthermore, it is wise to change the gasket and co-rings after 8 to 10 years. If you want then your pool pump runs for a longer period, then don't forget to switch off the pump before setting it to the pool filter backwash valve. At the Poolking valve parts department, you can view all the parts for your pool filter backwash! 

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