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If you are fond of swimming and have a pool at home, it will be easy to use it at any time of the day. You will probably like to equip your swimming pool with a swimming pool heater during winters. It depends on which extent you want the water to remain warm.


Whether it is 24/7 or at a particular time of the day, different types of pool heaters are available in the market. You can choose from three types that include gas, electric and solar. Poolking has a good variety of swimming pool heaters, and you can check their products if you want. Here are some interesting facts about pool heaters:


Pool Heaters Are Similar To A Water Filter

Whether you use your pool every day or close it until next summer, it is necessary to maintain it regularly. One of the best ways to clean the pool is to use a filter. It will help keep the dust and debris away from the pool and give you clean water. The pool heater works similarly, and you will be happy to have some of the best results.

It doesn’t matter what type of pool heater you are using; the heater will keep the pool warm. Moreover, it will filter the water back into the pool at regular intervals. Your pool heater will work by transferring the necessary heat into the pool water. This process is known as a ‘heat exchanger.’ There are various types of heating technologies available. It depends on what you choose or what the pool heating system costs.


Kinds Of Pool Heaters: Gas, Solar, and Electric Gas

There are three types of swimming pool heaters available. You can choose from a gas, electric, or solar pool heater. It has now become easy to properly heat your pool anytime you want. This may seem suitable if the cost of electricity is high and you have an excess of natural gas.

There is no doubt that gas emissions can be harmful to the environment. However, a gas pool heater can quickly and conveniently warm up the water. Electric heaters are popularly known as heat pumps. They are an eco-friendly option for homeowners. An electric heater will keep the water warm with the help of electricity. Lastly, they offer a long life span if you maintain it well.

Solar heaters turn out to be a budget-friendly option, but they have limitations. The solar pool heater is powered by the sun. If the day is windy, it can delay the process a little. It works by absorbing heat energy from the sun and transferring it directly to the water.


Air Temperature Can Affect the Efficiency Of The Pool Heater

Before choosing a swimming pool heater, you need to keep the environmental factors in mind. Things like air temperature and wind will contribute to the heater's working. If the temperature is cold, it will delay the healing process. Your pool heater will require a more significant amount of energy to warm the pool water.

Pool Heaters May Not Be One-Size-Fit

All the swimming pool heaters and pumps have different sizes. These sizes are based on the heating capacity. You need to be careful while choosing the size of the pool. The heating capacity is determined by measuring the level of energy.

If there is a lot of water in the pool, you will require a stronger heating system. Most heating pumps will efficiently deliver 1000,000 and 150,000 thermal units. If the pool heat pump is consuming more energy, your electricity or gas bill will go higher.


Solar Panels Will Help You Save Money

Solar panels are not only safe for the environment but are budget-friendly too. The solar-powered pool heater will be a good choice if you live in a sunny area. In some countries, the temperature is never freezing, and a solar pool heating system will be your savior. Places with a temperature below 70 will require more energy to heat the pool. If you live in an area where the sun doesn’t shine brightly, a gas or electric heater will be a good option.


What Size Of Heater Does Your Pool Need?

Firstly, you must determine how often you will use your pool. You will probably need a large pool heater if your pool is bigger. The gas heater will raise the pool's temperature by one to two degrees per hour. If you are willing to maintain a consistent temperature, using a small pool heater will be the best move.

swimming pool heater


Top Swimming Pool Heaters

There are different swimming pool heaters available. These models are either installed or connected with boilers, heat pumps, or a solar panel system. Here are some of the best products offered by Poolking.


1. Small and Medium Hot Water Heat Pump

The small and medium hot water heat pump unit has many good features. It offers a high heat exchange efficiency and has a compact structure. Both inlets and outlets are sealed perfectly. This feature prevents water leakage too. The proper insulation will reduce the amount of heat loss. This heat pump is corrosion resistant; it can last for a long time.


2. Precision-welded Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Precision-welded stainless steel heat exchanger is made with stainless steel and cast iron. It features 37 seamless pipes that offer a good water flow. The transfer capacity of heat is much higher than other heat pumps. This product is available in five sizes that can easily fit with a 450m pool.


3. Standard Climate Range Heat Pump

The standard climate range heat pump uses intelligent control technology. It will heat up faster, no matter what the weather conditions are. This product will give a stable performance and is worth investing in. You can set the water temperature at 19-60 degrees. The integrated design makes it a worthy choice for all homeowners. Even the installation is simple, and the product is easy to use.


We have discussed some interesting facts about swimming pool heaters. If you plan to purchase a pool heater, keep all these factors in mind. By choosing the right product from Poolking, you can keep your pool water warm and enjoy it to the fullest!

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