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Swimming pools play a crucial role in enjoyment. It keeps you healthy and provides you with perfect exercise. At this time, we all have a busy schedule in life, and it is a complete resource to have fun together. In this smart world, most kids spend time on gadgets without physical activity. Swimming provides them with healthy activity and spending time with parents and other family members. That's why we encourage swimming pools and all other swimming activities. This is where the sand filter comes into play


Let's have some talks about cleanliness and healthy water. As we all enjoy together in the swimming pool, everyone gets different kinds of bacteria, small particles, sand, etc., with their body. We use a filtration system to ensure the water stays healthy and clean. We have many kinds of filters for pools. Different filters provide different kinds of cleaning systems. We will discuss just two variants from all of them. The 1st one is a sand filter, and the 2nd one is a DE filtration system. The question is, which one is better? Please stay connected with us to get the answer to your query.

Sand Filter

Pool sand filter is considered the easiest and a low-cost filter, it's a popular choice of the user compared to others. The water of the pool is pumped through the proper system, and the sand of the water catches in the filter and all other dust and debris. It is essential to clean and purify the water before it returns to the pool. An effective filter like a sand catcher is an essential pool need and works very effectively.  

sand filter

Advantages of Sand Filter

The sand filter works very efficiently to catch thin particles of dirt, sand and all kinds of others. Some main benefits of using a sand filtration system for your pool to clean are:

 ● Easy to use as compared to others

 ● Sand filter maintenance is a straightforward and low-cost activity, you do not need to call any service provider

 ● Easily removes all kinds of small and large dirt particles

 ● It's easy and takes a low-cost installation fee as compared to other filters, and it's also inexpensive to update

Sand filters play a crucial role in cleaning water for swimming, and it may take low effort to provide you with magnificent results.

It reduces maintenance costs comparatively, particularly in cleaning. It provides us with complete backwash and cleaning of filters. It is very easy to install. The sand filter didn't need any maintenance call. You can clean it on your own easily. It saves your installation and construction time more than 80%.

Disadvantages of Sand Filter

The following are the disadvantages of sand filter:

● During backwashing, it wastes water approximately a few thousand gallons

● It is compulsory to change the sand of the filter after every 5 to 7 years

DE Filter

Now it's time to talk about the 2nd type of filter that captures particles with sizes 2 to 3 microns or the smallest size. If we compare the water cleaning capacity, DE filters clean water more than a sand filter. It is the superior form of swimming pool filtration system.

Advantages of DE Filter

 ● It removes the smallest particle from the pool water, which makes it superior to other filtration systems.

 ● The backwashing process is easily

 ● DE filters ensure the quality of water

 ● In the case of a DE filter, less sanitiser is required to keep the water clean and fresh

 ● Its filtration ability is excellent 

Disadvantages of DE filter

Every filtration system has its pros and cons. The same is true for the DE filter. Below we have mentioned the disadvantage of the DE filter.

 ● It requires extra maintenance as compared to other filtration system

 ● It would be best if you replaced the DE powder after backwashing

 ● You need to clean the filter grids manually after every six month

 ● It is the most expensive filtration system

sand filter

Sand Filter Vs DE Filter: Which Pool Filter is Best For Your Pool?

The answer to this question depends upon the circumstances. It all depends upon you to choose the filtration system according to your needs and requirements. However, a sand filter is best if your pool does not suffer more cloudy or green water. It is easy to use and maintain. But wait! If your pool has a lot of issues with pollen which is the growing problem in certain areas that turn water green quickly, a DE filter is best to choose in that case. It is the only filter that filters out water from pollen and provides clean water. It does not use multiple chemicals for this purpose.

Poolking: Another Name of Quality

Many of you search for a place that provides you with pool products that are 100% guaranteed. Poolking fulfils this need well. Our pool products are of good quality. The Poolking filtration system removes the minor impurities from water and provides clean water. We offer various models and the best type of filtration system according to your needs and demands. Poolking filtration systems remove the dirt from water that is invisible to the naked eye. Visit our site to know more about our products and brands. Feel free to talk to us, we will guide you about which filtration system is suitable for your pool with more specific directions.

The Bottom Line:

The DE filter provides more transparent water than the sand filter. But it is more difficult to maintain and expensive than a sand filter. In comparison to DE filters, sand filters are easy to maintain and low-cost. Choose one that fulfils your needs. Hopefully, this guide enhances your knowledge about the pros and cons of both filtration systems.


The comparison chart between the two filtration systems is given below:

Sand Filter

Require backwashing at least monthly and need to replace sand after every 5 years

Ongoing cost: Sand

Filtration efficiency: 20 to 40 microns

DE Filter

Need backwash every couple of months.

Ongoing cost: Diatomaceous earth, grid filters

Filtration efficiency: 1 to 6 microns

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