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During designing a swimming pool, you will think about many factors that make your pool complete in construction. You may think about heating, lightening, and self-cleaning etc. However, a pool security cover is also one factor that increases your pool's worth. It keeps your pool covered and reduces the interaction of water with harmful ultraviolet rays. This article is designed to discuss the pool security cover. We also elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of the pool safety cover and its functioning. So, let's get started to discuss the pool security cover.

What is a Pool Security Cover?

It is present in your in-ground pool deck. The water drained safely through the cover due to the dense mesh fabric. At the same time, leaves, debris, and other bacteria blow off the pool security cover. They make your pool complete and look fantastic. Now the question is what lifespan of these pool security covers. However, the pool safety cover can be 15 years or more! It is an excellent investment to spend money on the pool safety cover. You can save money and effort by including this on your pool equipment.

Installation of Pool Security Cover

Proper knowledge makes the installation process of pool cover easy. You only need a few hours and two people to do this work. However, The size of the cover decides the time required for installation. The equipment required during installation, such as a rotary hammer, can be easily rented from a rental shop for a day.


It is easy to install the pool covers. Everyone has different needs. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the security pool cover. Is it necessary or not to include it in your swimming pool? The following section gives the answer to this question!

pool security cover

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Pool Security Cover

Keep reading this section to get knowledge about the pros of swimming pool security cover.


1. It Maintain The Temperature

Temperature is one of the factors that is complex to maintain. Pool security cover fulfills this need well. It is one of the biggest reasons that people choose to install the security pool cover. It maintains the temperature of the water. Having a pool cover significantly lessens your heating bills.

2. It Helps to Reduce The Water Loss

Frequently water loss occurs, especially when the swimming pool is not in use. Did you know that evaporation is the process that leads to reducing the amount of water? It is essential to control the loss of water. If you do not control the reduction of water, it may damage your pool filtration system and skimmers. Pool security cover assists you in reducing the loss of water.

3. Security Pool Cover Minimize Chlorine Consumption

We all are familiar with the danger of ultraviolet radiation. These rays are harmful to our skin. Pool security cover helps to reduce the interaction between water and UV radiations. Pool chlorine is degraded after exposure to ultraviolet light. This means it saves your time regarding the purchase of chlorine.

4. Reduce the Amount of Leaf Litter

You can reduce the amount of leaf litter with the use of a security pool cover. It is beneficial for you in terms of:

● It can lessen the number of time needed to empty the automatic cleaner

● It can also reduce the load of the skimmer, water filtration system, and pump

It will also reduce the amount of chlorine, which saves your money, time, and effort.


Keep reading this section to learn about the disadvantages of pool security cover.

1. Aesthetic

Why do people avoid installing pool security covers? The reason is that it may impact the aesthetic. The primary purpose of the pools is basically to provide a cohesive environment. At the same time, the pool security cover hides the beauty of the water. This causes people to avoid installing the pool cover.

2. Lack of Space

Space matters a lot. Installing a pool cover safely also requires some space. This may affect the design of your pool. Most of the covers are designed under the deck. They seem like part of the deck. If you have a space issue, installing a security pool cover is not the right option!

3. Pool Design

Every honor wants to build a swimming pool that looks attractive and captures the attention of people. In the modern age, the pool's design is not only rectangular. The security pool cover may restrict new shapes and designs. You will design the pool in such a way that it also fits the needs of the pool cover.

pool security cover

How Much Does a Security Pool Cover Cost?

The cost of a pool security cover depends upon the size of the pool and the material used. For example, mesh pool security cover costs between $1200 to $3000. At the same time, solid pool security cover costs $1800 to $3600.

Poolking: The Right Brand And Reasonable Price

Poolking is one of the leading names in pool cover technology. Our security pool covers are good in quality and more durable. Your safety is our priority. Our security pool cover must fulfill the security demand of your pool. Want to know more about our brand? If yes, then visit our site. Feel free to contact us! Poolking pool security cover keeps away the leaves and debris from your pool and saves pool water from contamination.

The Bottom Line

A pool security cover is undoubtedly the right option to add to your pool accessories. But the final decision is according to your choice. Keep in mind the pros and cons before installing the pool security cover. If you want to know more about other swimming pool accessories, then read our latest blogs. Hopefully, this post helps you to make the right decision! Comment below, ask questions about different pool equipment, and clear your confusion well!

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