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If you are a pool owner you must be aware that efficient water filtration is an essential part of your pool. When the filter works properly it will keep the water clean and hygienic. The pool filter comes packed with various pool filter equipment and you can pick the best one. A good filtration system will easily remove the small particles and contamination quickly. There are plenty of residential and commercial pool filters available out there. Some are made with fiberglass and are easy to install.

Common Pool Filter Equipment

If you want to keep your swimming pool clear and healthy to swim it can be challenging. However, if you have the right knowledge about equipment things can become easy. Here is some common pool filter equipment:

1. Telescope Pole

A telescoping pole is an important piece of equipment for your swimming pool. You can practically use it for everything. It involves skimming, brushing, vacuuming, and much more. However, this is why it has become so convenient for pool owners. It offers a lot of flexibility and cleans your pool from each corner. There is no doubt it will ultimately save you time, effort, and energy. You can simply choose a good telescopic pol that features a thick tube and heavy-duty aluminum. Make sure it is 16 inches long and sturdy.

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2. Skimmer Net Attachment

Are you wondering how you can handle all the leaves surrounding your pool? Many of them keep floating around the water making it look dirty. For this very reason pool owners must have a skimmer net attachment. It offers the perfect job of collecting all the unnecessary leaves out of the pool. You can skim the surface and make it look cleaner than before.

The net attached to the skimmer will pass over the water and can collect nearly anything. It will snap everything to the end of the telescopic pole making things easy for the user. You can now skim the surface of the pool and make the water contamination free. Whether it is the bugs, leaves, or dirt it will be easy to remove them all. There are two different types of skimmer nets which include flat and bag nets. However, the flat skimmers happen to be the best choice of pool filter equipment.

3. Pool Brush Attachment

When you use your swimming pool during every season, thin layers of algae will form on the floor or wall. It can make your pool dirty and will be hard to swim safely. You need to develop pool maintenance habits or else it can be difficult to carry on. However, we suggest you a good way to deal with the cleanliness. Why not do scrubbing with a pool brush attachment? No doubt brushing your pool will maintain a healthy environment for swimming.

If you want to prevent common problems like cloudy or green water it is the best solution. Moreover, it is the best way to keep your pool chemicals intact for a long. There are three different types of brushes that are suitable for various pools. You can use a stainless steel brush for the concrete and shotcrete pools.


4. Vacuum Head

The pool vacuum consists of three different parts. It includes a head, hose, and telescopic pole. However, the vacuum head is the pool filter equipment that helps with vacuuming. When the water passes over the pool the vacuum head will do the work. It is easy to attach the vacuum head to your pool. This is useful as it will help you reach out to the cleaning conveniently. Just power up the vacuum and you are good to go.

5. Vacuum Hose

A vacuum hose may seem simple but it is the most essential piece of equipment for your pool. You cannot vacuum the swimming without the use of this product. It is very much necessary to have a good vacuum hose. This equipment will help you connect with the skimmer and other supplies. You will be surprised to see that it has got all the pressure that will move away debris and dust. If you want to get the best results to try using a flexible vacuum hose.

6. Filter Media

There are different types of pool filters and each one of them uses a different filter media. For the sand filters, it will be the pool sand. However, for the cartridge filters, it is the cartridge. If we talk about the D.E filters using D.E grids and powder as filter media will be the best option.

We recommend the pool owners keep a free set of filter media at all times. When the time for replacement comes, you will not have to worry anymore. For the best results, you can replace the filter media every 2-3 months.

pool filter pump

7. Pool Pump

You will be surprised to know that the pool pump is the heart of any swimming pool. This pool filter equipment helps with the circulation of water. Moreover, it can power up the process of heating and filtration. The water will move from the pipes along the filter and heater. When it comes back inside the pool the water will become pure and hygienic. There are three different types of pool pumps. The list includes single, dual, and variable speed pumps.

The best part is that pool pumps are flexible and offer energy usage control. For this very purpose choosing a variable speed, the pump is the best solution. These pumps are easy to switch between various speeds setting. They work best to keep the water flow gentle overnight. If you want to quickly clean up a pool it can be a good option. For getting the best results, make sure your clear the pump basket regularly.

8. Heater

If you have a pool heater it will keep the pool water warm during winters. It is necessary to have a pool heater to protect yourself from getting sick. You and your family can swim at a good temperature and keep the pool in a good condition. The low-cost heating will save you money.


There is plenty of pool filter equipment available. If you want to purchase top-quality products, check out the collection at Poolking. This pool equipment will keep your pool running safely.

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