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The Tr100 sand filter is one of the best choice for your swimming pool. If you want to ensure your swimming pool is clean, then using a high-quality pool filter is the perfect choice for you. These sand filters come with a variety of powerful features. The UV-resistant sand filter will allow you to keep the pool water hygienic and clean. Poolking sells some of the best quality Tr100 sand filters for your swimming pools. Here is all you need to know about the pool sand filter.

Features of Tr100 Sand Filter 

Tr100 sand filters come with endless benefits. Here are some of the most powerful features of the Tr100 sand filter.

1. Heavy duty sand filter 

The sand filter will help you swing away the water diffuser. It is a great combination that helps to drain the sand and water. The heavy-duty closure of the filter comes with a built-in pressure relief valve that makes it easy for you to maintain the filter. It also makes it safer to use while you clean your pool water. The sand filter offers maximum cleanliness and gives you crystal-clear results.

If you are looking for a sand filter with UV-resistant features, then this Tr100 sand filter is the perfect choice for you. It is a dependable sand filter that offers corrosion-resistant service. This unique method locks in the fiberglass and will help you to prevent the fibers from blooming under all kinds of harsh conditions.

2. Easy maintenance 

The pool sand filter comes with highly durable internal parts. These internal parts offer ease of maintenance and allow you to swing-away water diffusers. You can get instant access to the internal parts and clean them efficiently.

Sand Filter

It is an industry-standard sand filter that offers the best effectiveness, efficiency, and dependable service for many years to come. The filter offers a low-maintenance operation and will make sure that your pool water stays clean.

3. Effective filtration 

Not all sand filters can provide you with effective filtration. The TR100 offers a turnover of more than 8 Hours and is designed with 35,520 Gallons and 2-inch connections. The effective filtration area covers 4.91 Square Feet and it has a sand capacity of 600 pounds. If you are looking for a sand filter with maximum operating pressure, then we have some good news for you. The Tr100 sand filter comes with a 50 psi.

4. Maximum operating water temperature

This sand filter offers 104 Degrees F which is sufficient to make your swimming pool water crystal clear. The filter is made with a Heavy-duty closure which makes it an easy-to-read pressure relief valve. It is equipped with a swing-away diffuser which allows instant access to sand and all internal parts. These connectors offer easy installation and make it easy for you to start using your filter instantly.

5. Easy-to-read pressure gauge 

The pool sand filter comes with a combination of sand and water drain. This makes it easy to winterize the sand filter fast and easily. The Valve and unions are sold separately but are an essential part of your pool sand filter. This Sand Filter features a highly durable fiberglass-reinforced tank that has a one-piece construction. You can use your sand filter for many years to come without any replacement.  

6. Heavy duty closure 

The heavy-duty closure of the Tr100 sand filter allows you to do an easy inspection. It also comes with an easy-to-read pressure gauge which is attached to a compatible air relief valve. The Swing-away diffuser also allows you instant access to sand and all internal parts. This sand filter comes with an Internal air bleed and will ensure that the installation is done with ease as well.

7. High-quality internal design 

The Time-proven internal design of the pool sand filter will ensure that you keep using it with ease for many years to come. The pool water will receive the maximum filtration to get the best crystal clear results. The fiberglass reinforced tank comes with a UV-resistant coating and offers a dependable service. The corrosion-resistant sand filter will make sure that your sand filter stays protected. The flow system design ensures that you get the maximum run time for your pool sand filter.

Sand Filter

8. Durable fiberglass tank 

The Tr100 comes with a highly durable fiberglass tank. It is one of the best one-piece construction that will enhance the durability of the pool sand filter. Just like other sand filters, this sand filter comes with the least amount of maintenance as compared to the other filter types. This sand filter is also capable of filtering down to 20-40 microns. The evolution and refinement of the sand filter ensure that it gives powerful and dependable for many years to come.

9. Catches dust easily

Sand filters are one of the best choice to keep your swimming pool water clean. They work efficiently by moving the water from the top of the tank to the bottom of the tank. It uses high pressure to keep the pool water clear and protected from all the dirt.

As the water trickles down, the sharp edges of the sand filter catch all the sand grains and other dirt. It becomes easier for you to catch particles like dirt, debris, and other waste materials from your pool water easily with the help of the Tr100 sand filter.

10. Inexpensive

The best thing about the TR100 sand filter is that it is relatively inexpensive. You don’t have to replace it again and again as it is made with highly durable materials. If you want to use your sand filter for many years to come, then choosing this sand filter could be the perfect choice for you. It is available at affordable prices and will allow you to keep your pool water clean without any hassle as well.


The TR100 sand filter is a great choice for all swimming pool owners. It is a great filter for both commercial and residential swimming pools. However, it is important to find out about the features of the swimming pool filter before buying it. This guide will be helpful to provide you with the best tips to buy the best TR100 sand filter.

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