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The Reason that Affects the Sedimentation Effect


Sedimentation is a key step in the treatment of pool water, and the effect of sedimentation directly reflects the completion of water treatment. Sometimes the sedimentation effect is not obvious, what is the cause?

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1. Water temperature

The coagulation effect is poor at low temperature, and the flocculation is very slow. That is because the inorganic salt coagulant is an endothermic reaction during hydrolysis, so when the water temperature is low, the hydrolysis is slow. Secondly, the low temperature water viscosity is large, and the thermal motion of the impurities in the water is slowed down, and there is less chance of contact and collision with each other, which is not conducive to mutual agglomeration. Therefore, the optimum water temperature should be 20~29°C.


2. pH and alkalinity

The pH has a great influence on the solidification process of the aluminum salt coagulant. Since the aluminum hydroxide formed during the hydrolysis of the aluminum salt is an amphoteric compound, it produces a positively charged cation upon dissociation, and the colloidal material requires a large amount of positively charged coagulant particles during the coagulation process. So to get the best coagulation effect, the ph value should be 7.6~8.0.


3. Composition, properties and concentration of impurities in water

If the impurities in the water are fine and uniform, the coagulation effect is poor. Too low a particle concentration is also detrimental to coagulation. A large amount of organic matter is present in the water, which is adsorbed on the surface of the particles, and the coagulation effect is also poor. The increase in anions in the water also affects the coagulation effect.


In addition, the coagulation effect is also related to the type, amount, quality, mixing speed and uniformity of the coagulant. Want to know more about the news about swimming pool news from pool equipment suppliers? Please follow poolking!

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