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The maintenance of the quality of new pool water


Poolking pool equipment suppliers introduce you the maintenance of the quality of the new pool water.It refers to the first time to filled with the water after the pool is built, or in the beginning of swimming season to fill with the water. The incoming water is fresh water without any treatment. Please follow the following procedures:
1.1.1 Pool Cleaning
After a long period of vacancy, many swimming pools have long mosses on the pool walls (especially in the crevices). Therefore, the swimming pool must be thoroughly cleaned before the water is filled inside. It is best to use special swimming pool cleaning detergent to completely remove the moss, otherwise it will easily regenerate after the water is filled, and it will be difficult to completely remove it.
1.1.2 Algae and algae suppression
When the new water begins to enter the pool, as soon as there is a small portion of the water in the pool, it will be immediately put into algaecide. The amount of algaecide will be calculated based on the total amount of water in the pool(2 bottles per 1000m3 water). Please dilute the algaecide before putting in.
1.1.3 Sterilization and disinfection
After the new water is full, please put disinfectant powder or tablets to clean the water(4kg powder per 1000m3 water) .Please dilute the powder or tablets before putting in.
1.1.4 PH Adjustment    
After the new water is full. Test the PH value. If it is less than 7.5, please add PH modifier to adjust the pH to 7.5-7.8. The amount of 1,000 cubic meters by10KG modifier can be increased by 1 degree for calculation.
1.1.5 Clarification Procedure
After the above steps are finished, please put clarifiant into the water(1 bottle per 1000m3 water). Please dilute the clarifiant before putting in. In this case, the swimming pool circulation equipment must be turned on. The clarifiant adsorb the clarifiant to become bigger impurities, which will enter into the circulation system and filtered by the sand filter.
1.2.6 Contamination
The clarification treatment can only discharge the suspended solids in the water to make the water clear. When the dirt is felt on the bottom of the pool, such as sand, hair or leaves, it is necessary to use a pool cleaner machine to Clean up.
1.2.7 Emergency Treatment
In case of rain in outdoor swimming pools, it is best to check the pH immediately after the rain. If it is lower than 7.5, adjust the pH by adding modifier and add 2 times the disinfectant to prevent the algae brought from the rain.


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