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Something You Should Know About Pool Filter Chlorine


When it comes to chemical water treatment, the first thing we will thing about should be chlorine, because it is the most widely used chemicals for water treatment. POOLKING company have been dealing with chlorine for a very long time. Let us to tell you something about the Chlorine.

pool  filters chlorine


Chlorine is disinfectants also bactericide, which is decided by its concentration. Disinfectants can kill every organisms that cause disease and bactericide can kill all living bacteria. When chlorine is used as a disinfectant for wounds, it is nearly not used because it is more irritating. Chlorine mainly destroys the cell wall and causes bacteria to die. Chlorine is not an insecticide. It can only create a uncomfortable environment to force the bug to leave, it can not kill the bug.


pool  filters chlorine


Chlorine in the sun is unstable and ultraviolet radiation provides energy for the decomposition of chlorine. This explains the main part of the outdoor swimming pool that consumes chlorine. This is why the bleaching powder is sold in opaque plastic bottles/barrels.

In general, under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, if there is not enough stabilizer, 90% of the chlorine in the swimming pool will be decomposed within two hours, that is, the half-life is 35 minutes instead of the general which called volatilization, because there is no ultraviolet radiation in the room, the simple low concentration of chlorine has a half-life of 200 days.

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