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The basic principle of an sfx1000 pool pump is the filtering of swimming pool water to clean it. Clean water will allow you to swim in a perfect pool. If you are looking for a pool machine that cleans the water properly then getting a pool pump is the best choice. It is the best pool technology unit that will help you with the Filtration process easily.

The process of filtration is carried out during the circulation of the pool water in a cycle. The major job of the pool pump is to clean the water via floor drains. A robust impeller rotates at a high speed and functions within the pump housing. This ensures the permanent priming of the pool water.

What Does a SFX1000 Pool Pump Do? 

The pump is the heart of the swimming pool's circulation system. It will pull the water from the pool through the skimmer and main drain and will push it through the filter. The water then returns to the pool through the main returns. The pump comes with three components: The motor, impeller, and hair and lint trap.

pool pump

The motor is electric uses 110 or 220 volts and makes the air cool. It keeps the excess water from entering the motor and helps to cool down the vents located on the underside of the housing. At the end of the shaft, the motor is connected to the impeller. It pulls the water in through the hair and lint trap and pushes it out the top of the pump.

The impeller contains small openings that can be susceptible when become clogged with debris. This is determined by separating the assembly on the impeller. If the basket of the pool is clogged, then the flow of water into the pump could get restricted. The pump would begin to pump air instead of water. This is also known as the "loss of prime".

How to Run a Pool Pump? 

The entire operation of the swimming pool depends on the circulation of the pump. The cleaning system cannot operate without the main pump. This is why the pool water cannot be filtered without the main pump operating. It is crucial to be aware that you run your pool pump on a proper schedule for the operation of the main pump.

When to Run the SFX1000 Pool Pump? 

Two factors determine the time and day of running the pool pump. Your pool pump should operate well as this will allow you to keep your pool water clean. The chemical demand and energy cost can be reduced if your pool pump runs at the right time.

The pool pump helps to remove chlorine from the water. It is best to run the pool pump during the daytime as the highest chlorine demand would be during the daytime. Since most methods of chlorine require the pump to operate well. It is important to furnish the pool with the proper amount of chlorine, as this will help to run the pump during the day, rather than at night.

The higher cost of electrical power during daylight hours can change the schedule. In an ideal case, it would be to run the pump from sunrise to sunset. This schedule is best for those situations where the cost of electricity is the same throughout the day.

It may be necessary to run the pump during the night as this will allow you to avoid utility costs. The amount of chlorine added to the pool must be enough as the chlorine level remains above 3.0 ppm for most of the daylight hours.

pool pump

How Long Should You Run SFX1000 Pool Pump? 

The two main factors that determine the length of time that the pump should be run depending on each cycle of the chemical demand and filtration. During the summer months, the chemical demand can be at its peak. The bathing load is generally higher and people tend to use the pool more often during the summer. The amount of debris in the pool is higher also and water needs to be filtered more thoroughly.

A "rule of thumb" exists which can help to determine the length of each pumping cycle. When there is 10° F outside then you must run the pump for 112 hours. The average maximum air temperature for a month is 100° F, then the operating hours for the pump should be at least 5 hours per day for that month.

The temperature cannot be accurately predicted each month this is why it is recommended to run the pump 12 hours per day/during the hottest summer months. You can run the pump for 4 to 5 hours per day during the winter months.

How to Backwash Your SFX1000 Pool Pump? 

Before backwashing, you should make sure that the pump is turned off. This will help you to avoid damage to the backwash valve mechanism. If you have a pool pump filter with a side-mounted, vertical backwash valve, then you should rotate the handle to unlock the valve.

The next step is to push the handle down as far as it will go, as this will help to rotate the handle once again. It will also be helpful to lock the valve in the backwash position. Make sure that the backwash hose is easily extended to the desired area, as this will help to turn on the pump.

A large quantity of water and debris keeps flowing out of the hose. You must continue until the water flows out of the hose. This will make the water clearer. Wait for an additional 30 seconds to make sure that the filter is properly cleaned. Turn the pump off and turn the valve back to the normal filter mode. You just have to carry out the steps in reverse order. Once the valve is returned to the filter position, you can open the valve and release the trapped air on top of the lid or tank tops.


SFX1000 Pool Pump is the best type of filter pump for your swimming pool. If you want to maintain the hygiene of your pool water, then don’t forget to check out a wide range of high-quality pool pumps available at Poolking.

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