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Several Tips to Make Family Pool Water Test More Accurate


Family pool water test kits are great. They're accurate if used correctly. A big IF. In this article we'll give you 5 tips to accurately test your pool water.

Tip 1 - Please Follow the Instructions

It is sounds so simple doesn’t it. But lots of people don’t do that. If the instructions asks you to put 7 drops of liquid in, put in 7. Not 6 or 8.

If the kit says “dip”, don’t swirl or swish. If it says, “swirl”, don’t shake.

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Tip 2 - Take Samples Away from Return Jets/Outlets

you may concentrate chemical, if you collect water samples around the return jets or outlet, especially you add chlorine for the last time, the chemical will poured in the skimmer box. This is also the case if you have an in-line chlorine feeder or a salt-water chlorinator.


Tip 3 - Make Sure Your Kit is Fresh or Uncontaminated

The kit is a one-off tool and there is a deviation in the inspection results. If the kit can not be sure is new and not contaminated, the deviation of the inspection result is too large.



Tip 4 - Don't Touch Test Strips or Water Sample directly

Touching the end of the test strips, the water sample or the chemicals used in drop test kits could change the readings. Don’t shake the vial using your finger as a lid either.

Your hands have residual chemicals (think soaps, food etc) on them and could affect the results.


Tip 5 - Take Sample at least 30m In Depth

If you take a sample from the surface, you will be exposed to inaccuracies caused by direct sunlight and evaporation.

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